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Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Great Kilcher Quake

A massive earthquake hits Southern Alaska and the Kilcher family scrambles to recover. They fight to re-open vital access roads. Atz Lee races towards his dream of a new remote homestead to aid in recovery, creating waves with his wife, Jane.


Episode 2 - Shattered Shelter

Mother Nature continues her onslaught on the Kilcher homestead, using a variety of weapons. Otto, Charlotte, Jane, Bonnie, and August scramble to save a hay barn. Atz Lee and Sr. begin building Atz Lee's new cabin.


Episode 3 - Stranded

Still reeling from the earthquake, the Kilchers rush to make headway on time-sensitive projects. Otto, Charlotte, and Eivin travel to rescue a family relic. The first fishing trip of the year leaves Eve and Jane lost at sea.


Episode 4 - Killer Repairs

With Otto's surgery looming, the rush to complete projects becomes urgent. The herd's food supply is threatened. Atz Lee and Jane reunite after a month apart when he brings her to his new homestead for the very first time. She's less than impressed.


Episode 5 - Under the Knife

After years of procrastination, Otto goes under the knife. While Charlotte waits, Jane is left to take care of the farm and delivers her first calf alone. Eivin and Atz Lee scout the Head of the Bay, but their findings won't ease Otto's concerns.


Episode 6 - One Man Short

With Otto recovering from surgery, Levi comes to Alaska to lead the annual Spring cattle drive with Eivin. Otto's unwillingness to step aside puts him in danger. Atz and Atz Lee are forced to test their survival skills in the Alaskan backcountry.


Episode 7 - Kilchergiving

It's Thanksgiving on the homestead and the Kilchers gather for dinner at the old Family Barn. Recognizing that the homestead is a community, this year it's all about showing thanks to friends and family that have helped out this past year.


Episode 8 - The Prodigal Daughter Returns

It's life and death as Otto once again puts his recovery at risk to help save a paralyzed cow. Jane and Atz Lee put their differences aside to prepare for winter, and Atz Senior prepares for a very special visitor- his daughter singer-songwriter, Jewel.


Episode 9 - The Monster Catch

The Kilchers attack their biggest jobs ever. The men salvage lumber for Shane's cabin. Singer Jewel and son, Kase return to the homestead. Jane trolls for the biggest fish of her life.


Episode 10 - Chopper Rescue

In a dangerous homestead first, Otto flies a massive greenhouse to a new location using a helicopter. Eve takes on the role of provider and learns a new skill to feed her family, while Atz Lee risks his recovery to continue his cabin build alone.


Episode 11 - Homesteading for the Holidays

The Kilchers celebrate their most unforgettable Christmas ever with a one of a kind gift exchange! They use their Kilcher ingenuity to make homemade gifts, all crafted from the heart with the spirit of Christmas.


Episode 12 - Bracing for Change

Fall brings big changes to the homestead. Tensions flare between Otto and August in their last mission before August leaves for college. Atz Lee, Sr., and Jane work on Atz Lee's new cabin, but Jane still has doubts. Eivin builds a special surprise.


Episode 13 - Winter Is Coming

Frigid temperatures sweep into southern Alaska. The Kilchers need to get jobs done before the freeze. Otto and Eivin salvage the shores of Kachemak Bay, Atz Lee pushes to put a roof on his cabin before snowfall. Charlotte and Jane run into a predator.


Episode 14 - Gold Rush

Otto pays for his hernia surgery and ends up with gold fever. Jane and Eivin search a remote island for enough deer to last the winter, and Atz Lee faces down old fears and reaches new heights as he races the freeze in order to complete his cabin.


Episode 15 - Hunting Season

The Kilchers look to the future as winter looms. Atz Sr passes on vital survival knowledge, while Atz Lee embarks on a risky solo hunt to a remote and dangerous island. Eivin builds the ideal boat for his young family's adventures on the water.


Episode 16 - Decision Time

Winter has arrived. Otto and Charlotte fight to round up their cattle. Atz Lee and Jane come to a decision about his cabin. Eivin and Eve take the new boat on a maiden fishing journey. Shane and Kelli brace for unexpected news about her health


Episode 101 - Epic Adventures

For the Kilcher family, life in Alaska is a series of epic adventures. Whether it's a high altitude hunt, a perilous journey to work, or risking it all to help a neighbor in need, nothing they do is for the faint of heart.


Episode 102 - When Danger Calls

For the Kilcher family, life in Alaska means facing danger at every turn. This special episode features behind-the-scenes interviews and the Kilchers reveal how they survive in the untamed Alaskan wild.


Episode 103 - Blood Is Thicker Than Winter

For the Kilchers, each day presents new conflicts from Mother Nature and one another. With unseen footage and fan questions, they show us how to survive the Alaskan wilderness and each other.


Episode 104 - Like Father, Like Sun

Every Kilcher man relies on the unique knowledge of his father. In this behind-the-scenes episode, the Kilcher men share the importance of communication between fathers and sons, especially in the face of danger.


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