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Evil Lives Here Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Something Is Different About Robbie

Though Ronald Hawkins and Candace Sims knew that their son Robbie was different from an early age, they were unprepared for the violent act that he would eventually commit -- a crime that shook the nation. Now they talk about it all on camera.


Episode 2 - My Brother's Secret

Danyall White tells the gripping true story of her brother Richard. Danyall always thought he was a prankster who told stories. But when his stories started getting more and more violent, she slowly realized that her brother was hiding a monstrous secret.


Episode 3 - Cheating Death

Cathy thought she had found the man of her dreams in Peter Tobin. But by the time she discovered his dark secret, it was too late. How would she keep herself and her son alive long enough to escape one of the most evil men in modern history?


Episode 4 - The Prophet

To Kevin Currie, Mormon prophet Jeffrey Lundgren was more than a spiritual leader, he was a brother. But before long, Kevin realized that this Man of God was really a devil in disguise with an evil plan.


Episode 5 - In Love With The Devil

Bernadette was 17 when her boyfriend, Brian Sugrim, told her he had murdered someone. But she didn’t believe him. Only years later would she realize the true evil that Brian was capable of. Will a monster get away with murder?


Episode 6 - Home Sweet Nightmare

Sheila Janutolo dreaded being alone with her husband Jim Cruz. Over the years, she had learned to fear him and his violent temper. But when she got a call that he’d been arrested for a ghastly crime, she was certain police had the wrong man.


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