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Evil Lives Here Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - My Son Should Die in Prison

Jon Eason hopes every day that someone will murder his son Dylan in prison. Dylan Eason's life sentence without parole doesn't appease his father, who admits wishing for his own son's death is horrible but feels Dylan deserves it for his 2016 crimes.


Episode 2 - He Got Into My Soul

Christian Fuhr receives a life sentence, and his girlfriend Ammie Turos believes he is innocent. However, when she discovers he's guilty, her conviction is replaced by uncertainty, and she wonders if her life had been in danger the entire time.


Episode 3 - Why Did I Let Him In?

Teshana Singleton initially thinks her first boyfriend Cedric Ricks' obsession with her is flattering, but when his obsession turns evil, she begins to realize she's in danger. Cedric believes if he cannot have Teshana, no one can.


Episode 4 - He Got Away With Murder

When police arrest Melvin Ignatow for murder, his son Mike is sure he is innocent and that his dad’s girlfriend is to blame instead. Then Mel is acquitted but later confesses, and Mike must face the fact that his father has gotten away with murder.


Episode 5 - My Sister Blamed Me

Cindy Blust is confident she's ready to defend herself when sister Camellia Brown gets out of prison and inevitably blames Cindy for her incarceration. Cindy is just as confident that Cammy's had evil inside her from the very beginning.


Episode 6 - He Was My Hero and a Monster

As a child, Daniel Rolle idolizes his father, Donald, until Donald’s rage makes everyone suffer. When that eventually leads to murder, Daniel must decide if he still loves his father enough to beg a jury not to kill him. ️️


Episode 7 - Want to Watch His Last Breath

Cathy Mills is only a teenager when her fairytale marriage to Robert Walden turns into a nightmare. Still, it is not until she sees a police sketch of her husband that she realizes only she knows the true identity of the monster authorities are hunting.


Episode 8 - I Still Love My Daddy

Seven-year-old Deborah Brashers' father, Robert, kills himself in a hotel room, and for 20 years, she struggles to understand why. Neither she - nor the police - have any idea he'd been living a secret double life as a serial killer.


Episode 9 - I Was Warned and Didn’t Listen

Jennifer Winter accepts Cristobal Palacio’s marriage proposal out of necessity. She believes that he understands that theirs is a marriage of convenience, not love. Then he makes her his prisoner, and she realizes escape will come at a terrible cost.


Episode 10 - He Was Born Evil

Every time Cheri Tate calls the police on her husband Edward Allen Covington, they believe him over her. Then she leaves him, and he takes his revenge - but on others. She realizes in horror that he has done to them what he always wanted to do to her.


Episode 11 - Nobody Believed Me

When Matt Roth is just a boy and his stepfather, Kenneth Roth, brings him along on handyman jobs, he thinks he is just there to help his dad. He doesn’t realize he is walking into the scenes of brutal murders, which will go unsolved until he grows up.


Episode 12 - We All Die Tonight

Christina Gaines goes on a date with Patrick Fowler, a supposed "perfect gentleman." She soon discovers Patrick's true nature, and she realizes she's been duped. Now that Christina is in his grasp, she must find a way to avoid becoming his next victim.


Episode 13 - He Fed Him to Gators

Craig Lester Thrift brags about getting away with murder, but everyone thinks he is kidding. Robyn Barry knows Thrift better than anyone, and she begins to suspect he isn’t joking. Someone needs to believe her before Thrift makes her his next victim.


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