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Evil Lives Here Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - It Was All Judith

When Corey Breininger was a child, his stepmother, Judith Hawkey, coerced him into doing something horrible. Tormented by guilt, he kept her secret for years. Knowing what she was capable of, he never thought he could tell the truth and hope to survive.


Episode 2 - I Raised a Sociopath

Robert Foust contemplated killing his own son, Aaron, believing it was the only way to prevent him from becoming a murderer. Instead, Robert turned to his faith and chose to put himself and his son in God's hands, which would lead them both to tragedy.


Episode 3 - The Nights I Don't Remember

On mornings when Joylynn couldn't remember anything from the night before, she always told herself that she must have had too much to drink. She never suspected that her husband, Robert Howard Bruce, was responsible, or that he was just getting started.


Episode 4 - My Brother Made History

As a boy, Travis Spencer always told himself that the cruel pranks his older brother, Timothy, played on him were ultimately harmless. He never suspected that his brother was using him to practice methods of torture that would be used on others.


Episode 5 - While I Was Gone

Michele was always glad that her husband, Richard Daniel Starett, didn't mind her frequent trips to visit her parents. She never guessed that he was committing heinous crimes when he sent her away, and that his sick perversion was getting harder to hide.


Episode 6 - I Wished My Son Were Dead

It has been more than 25 years, yet Joyce Alexander is still terrified of her son, William Patrick Alexander. She fears he holds her responsible for his horrifying crime, and is convinced he is plotting his revenge from prison.


Episode 7 - You Have to Get Out

Edward Pehowic harbored dark secrets before he married Robin Healey, and she would catch only glimpses of her husband's dark side. But it wasn't until after she finally escaped from him once and for all that she realized just how evil he was.


Episode 8 - I Should Have Killed Him Myself

On the day that John Duck decided to murder his own older brother, Kevin, he had spent his entire life preparing himself for the day when Kevin finally killed someone, and he didn't see any other way to stop him.


Episode 9 - He Almost Got Away With It

A woman is oblivious that she married a demented murderer who covers up his twisted secret life by working the night shift at his job.


Episode 10 - He Said There Were More of Them

It never occurred to Shirley Gaskins that the father she adored could be a killer, but as more people vanished without explanation, the harder it was to deny.


Episode 11 - He Won’t Tell Us Why

Richard and Ryan Girgis knew their father, Magdi Girgis, was a cheapskate, prone to violence, and not a particularly good father. But when their family was torn apart, neither wanted to admit deep down that they knew who was behind it.


Episode 12 - The Werewolf Butcher

When Jack "Roy" Spillman started collecting anything he could find related to wolves, his sisters, April and May, thought it was just a strange hobby. They couldn't have been more wrong.


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