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Evil Lives Here Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - You Know My Brother’s Name

When Karen Kuzma was a little girl, she adored her older brother. As they grew older, she saw changes in him that she didn't understand, but it never dawned on her that he was one of the most infamous criminals in America.


Episode 2 - Let Her Rot

When Joshua Hudnall went off to war, he felt more at home in combat than he ever did around his mother. But just when Joshua thought he was done with her, she set her sights on someone else, and destroyed their family from within.


Episode 3 - Evil Undercover

When Lori McLeod fell for a man claiming to be an FBI agent, she felt certain that she would always be safe. Now, Lori is determined to ensure that the murderer who betrayed her family never becomes a free man.


Episode 4 - Under His Thumb

Jamie Clark had already been twice unlucky in love, so when she met Anthony Lord she thought the third time would be the charm. But by the time she realized what perverted plans he had for her, she was already trapped.


Episode 5 - He's Still My Son

Walter Stawicki always tried to protect his son, Ian, from all the evils in the world. But when Ian went on to commit an unspeakable crime, Walter realized that he had failed to protect their community from the true threat.


Episode 6 - I Was His First Victim

Felecia Collier almost killed Chester Turner once. At the time, she was relieved to hear that he would survive. But years later, that moment would become the biggest regret of her life. If only she had just killed him.


Episode 7 - Is This the Night I Die?

Cindy Best's friends and family all thought she was crazy when she told them her suspicion about her husband Karl Karlsen. But Cindy was determined to take matters into her own hands and prove her husband was a killer.


Episode 8 - I Hate Being Daddy’s Girl

When Robin Lindsey was rescued from her mother's violence and went to live with her father, she thought she had cheated death. She had no way of knowing that the man she looked to as her savior was hiding something even worse.


Episode 9 - I Wish I'd Turned Around

Kat Harris and Marla Kreuger each loved Lawrence Harris in her own way. Each dismissed his obsession as childish and strange, but harmless. Neither of them realized he was preparing to sacrifice young lives for his evil purposes.


Episode 10 - One of His Women

To the world, Aswad Ayinde was a hit music video director. But to his daughter, Aziza Kibibi, he was a monster who did horrifying things in God's name. After years of suffering, she finally escaped to reveal the truth about him.


Episode 11 - Poisoned By Love

Norma Hawkins grew up in fear of her mother, Shirley Allen. For years, she watched in horror while Shirley destroyed those closest to her. But when people start dying, Norma must to find the will to turn in her mother to police.


Episode 12 - He Was a Good Man to Me

When Alvin "Bud" Brown was arrested he told an officer that he was just like Hannibal Lecter. But to his wife Jackie, he appeared to be gentle and loving until the Thanksgiving Day when she discovered the truth.


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