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Evil Lives Here Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Not My Boy

George and Margaret Keller never suspected that the man terrorizing their city could be a member of their own family. As it dawns on them that their son is hiding a sinister secret, they must decide whether or not to turn him in.


Episode 2 - She Made Me Do It

As a boy, Eric Witte's father taught him to protect his family. But as his father grows increasingly violent, Eric realizes that he is the evil his family needs protection from.


Episode 3 - My Brother, The Devil

Wallace Jeffs was raised to believe that his half-brother, Warren, would guide his family to salvation. But when his nephew reveals Warren's true nature, Wallace will have to choose between his family or his church's new prophet.


Episode 4 - The Horror I Don't Remember

Sherry Shafer never expected to lose everything because of her younger brother. Today, all she has left is the fear that one day he will return to finish what he started 26 years ago.


Episode 5 - Son of the Prophet

Dennis Ryan grew up believing that his father’s violent teachings were preparing him to save the lives of everyone in their farmhouse. But by the time Dennis discovers the horrible truth, it is too late.


Episode 6 - My Secret Nightmare

Tiffany Shore grew up knowing that her father was evil, but she still kept his secrets. When Tiffany finally escapes him, she is devastated to discover that has committed far more heinous acts than she could have ever imagined.


Episode 7 - My Brother's Secrets

Sean Lewis isn't surprised to hear his brother, Patrick, has been arrested again. But this time, Sean learns that he was inadvertently helping a monster continue living a secret double life.


Episode 8 - Our House of Horrors

Alice Swanson was always envious of the perfect life her childhood neighbor, William Jennings Choyce, and his family seemed to have. But after she married him, she slowly realized that nothing was as perfect as it seemed.


Episode 9 - Trapped in Hell

When Susan Hamlin walks into a police station to confess that she is part of a satanic cult and plans to murder her husband, no one could guess that the truth is more sinister, or that it is all part of a desperate escape plan.


Episode 10 - On the Run

Lindsay Wrinkles always knew that her father had a short temper, but she never expected to be on the run from him when she was only 14.


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