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Evil Lives Here Season 12 Episodes

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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - He Should Have Died Sooner

When George Yzaguirre kills himself in prison, he takes his secrets with him, and his ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, is left to wonder how many of her memories might hold the keys to unsolved crimes and whether or not she will ever know the truth about him.


Episode 2 - He Tied Me Up, Too

When James Bergstrom’s wife, Linda, begins to suspect that his bondage fetish is morphing into something sinister, she can’t get anyone to believe her. Still, the more she learns about his behavior, the more she becomes determined to stop her husband.


Episode 3 - Sleeping With the Enemy

When Sarita Anderson begins feeling ill, she thinks it's just the flu at first. She never suspects that the man pretending to love and nurse her back to health is actually the monster responsible -- or that he has done the same thing to countless others.


Episode 4 - A Special Place in Hell

Faith Green thinks she knows everything about Gregory Green’s past when reconnecting with him at her father’s church. Raised to believe in forgiveness, she gives him a second chance, but his secrets will lead to an unspeakable tragedy.


Episode 5 - He Pretended To Save Me

When Rodney Metzer shows up to rescue his wife, Morgan, from a horrifying, violent encounter, it appears he is there to save her, but Morgan soon suspects he is no hero, and instead may be going to disturbing lengths to prevent her from ever leaving him.


Episode 6 - I Found His Confession

When Adam Pennylegion’s stepbrother, Dustin Duthie, is arrested, some people blame steroids but Adam knows better. He has seen Dustin heading down a dark path for years but not even he imagines the price to be paid for not understanding the warning signs.


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