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Evil Lives Here Season 11 Episodes

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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Locked in the Closet

The first time Alice Jenkins locks Jesse Eging in a closet as a child, he thinks it’s only a game. But as Jesse’s captivity grows longer and food becomes scarce, he realizes that if he and his siblings do not find a way to escape, they will surely die.


Episode 2 - What if He Gets Out?

When Amy Chesler calls 911 to report what her brother, Jesse Winnick, has confessed to, she doesn’t know whether to believe him. Jesse’s always been a liar, and Amy doesn’t truly understand what he is capable of until she walks in and sees it for herself.


Episode 3 - I Will Always Be Scared of Him

From the moment Deborah Williamson meets her stepson, David Shafer, she knows there is something unsettling about him, but when her warnings about his frightening behavior go unheeded, the devastation he ultimately wreaks is beyond anything she imagines.


Episode 4 - He Kept Her in a Tree Stump

After Ernest Christie dies, his son, Sam, calls police and tells them everything he witnessed as a child, including murder. However, finally rid of the secrets he carried for decades, he now may pay a price for helping his father get away with it all.


Episode 5 - He Was a False Prophet

As a child, Benjamin Risha believes Tony Alamo when he preaches he is a prophet of God. Although, as Benjamin gets older and realizes that the prophet is a liar, he fears for his life -- because he sees what happens to others who doubt Tony.


Episode 6 - Keeping My Brother's Secret

When Steven Crittenden confesses to his brother, Bryant, and then swears him to secrecy, Bryant faces the toughest decision of his life -- whether to keep the secret and risk letting a murderer get away with it or tell the truth and betray his family.


Episode 7 - She Should Be Left to Die

When police tell Chris Matechen that his girlfriend, Alyssa Dayvault, has confessed, he doesn’t want to believe it because that means admitting that he has fallen for her lies and spent years blind to the horrific things she did right under his nose.


Episode 8 - Divorce? Never. Murder? Maybe.

Vernon Jensen is so afraid of his wife Vicki and her violent temper that he decides to divorce her. It isn't until he finally leaves that he discovers just how far she'll go to get revenge.


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