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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - For the Love of Babs

After Babs suffers a stroke, the family discovers that Babs, Glenn and Hunter have COVID-19. Without her family to lean on, Whitney's friends rally together as she attempts to stay strong through a trying time.


Episode 2 - Thore Family Values

After suffering from a stroke, COVID-19 and an infection, the Thores are amazed to see Babs make a miraculous recovery. Everyone anxiously hopes it will be enough to get her approved for rehabilitation. Whitney is not prepared to give up without a fight.


Episode 3 - Business Decisions in the Bedroom

A pregnant Ashley decides she doesn't want to know her baby's gender, so Whitney must carry the secret alone. Heather breaks out of her shell on a group date. Babs makes progress in rehab, while Hunter, Whitney and Henchi are added to the visitor list.


Episode 4 - A New Home for Babs

When Babs is released from the hospital, Whitney, Glenn and Hunter must scramble to find a place for her to live. With the wedding quickly approaching, tensions between Jessica and her fiance heat up.


Episode 5 - Big Fat Sex Reveal

As Babs settles into her new senior living community, Whitney partners with a drag queen to throw Ashley a gender reveal party AND agrees to teach Jessica a dance for her upcoming wedding. With time running out, Whitney worries she's taken on too much.


Episode 6 - Pole Dancing Bride

Whitney finally gets Glenn to semi-retire and tries to prep Heather for a new love. Meanwhile, Jessica pushes Whitney outside of her comfort zone in a pole dancing class. Then, an emergency with Babs' health brings Whitney's world to a sudden halt.


Episode 7 - Hand-Fed Bananas

Whitney's plate is already full as she works to resurrect her dance class while also helping Jessica with her wedding. When Babs has a health setback that lands her back in the hospital, Whitney must shift her efforts and focus back on her mom.


Episode 8 - A Big Fat Wedding -- But Not Mine

Despite her recent health setbacks, Babs is determined to attend Jessica's wedding. Lennie agrees to undergo a wedding day makeover, and Whitney is taken with how attractive she finds him in his suit.


Episode 9 - Let's Get Physical

Whitney invests big money producing an '80s-style fitness video to gain more subscribers to her fitness app. Glenn and Babs surprise Whitney on set just as she hears Buddy, her leading man, dropped out. Glenn may be the only person who can save the day.


Episode 10 - Fat Girl in a Little Car

With the music video complete and Babs thriving at Abbotswood, Whitney, her brother and her friends can finally take a much-needed vacation to St. Lucia. Whitney reveals her newly open relationship status, and everyone wonders if Lennie will make a move.


Episode 11 - Relationship Status: Open

Whitney's friends join her for some Caribbean vacation fun, but things take an unexpected turn when she's caught in bed with her ex, Lennie. Whitney must decide if she'll rekindle the old flame, or else Lennie may find love elsewhere on the island.


Episode 12 - What Is Love? Lennie Don't Hurt Me

Whitney and her friends take advantage of their final days in St. Lucia with a packed itinerary, but Lennie is nowhere to be found. Whitney worries he's ditching her for his island crush, leaving her questioning her feelings.


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