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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Single, Fat and Crazy

Whitney visits Buddy in D.C. where they share a surprise kiss. Heather struggles to get over Buddy. Whitney gets painful news from an adoption agent, faces her parents' aging and questions Buddy's sobriety.


Episode 2 - If Heather Finds Out...

Whitney discovers a shocking family secret, a fertility doctor gives her life-changing information, and she has to hide Buddy's visit from Heather. When Buddy disappears, Whitney and Tal fear the worst.


Episode 3 - Old Habits Die Hard

Whitney plans the BGDC tour. Buddy shares feelings with potentially deadly consequences. Babs takes a surprise trip. Whitney is forced to confront Buddy after finding drugs. Heather is devastated when she learns Whitney's secret.


Episode 4 - Big Girl, Little Bus

Whitney invites Buddy on the road. The BGDC Pittsburgh class is overbooked in a cramped venue, jeopardizing the tour. Then after a rough night, Buddy is missing and Whitney is forced to leave him.


Episode 5 - Buddy's New Girl

Buddy goes missing in Columbus, OH and Whitney has to leave him. With the biggest city on the tour looming, Whitney suspects sabotage when Todd messes up the choreography. Whitney's conflicted over meeting Buddy's new girlfriend.


Episode 6 - Fat Hating Is Real

Buddy brings his new girlfriend to Greensboro, but struggles to find a place to live. Whitney's shocked when Todd quits BGDC. Babs and Glenn set her up on a blind date, then she's s fat-shamed when the RV is vandalized.


Episode 7 - Big Girls Don't Cry

After an impossible rock wall climb, Whitney rethinks her Alaskan adventure. Tensions boil over when Todd gives Whitney a mouthful for spreading lies about him quitting BGDC. Buddy worries that his new girlfriend will leave him.


Episode 8 - Obsessive Habits

Whitney prepares for Alaska with a mountain hike. After receiving an offer to teach dance in New York, Whitney tries to bury the hatchet with Todd. Buddy and Chelsea's behavior leads Whitney to believe there's trouble in paradise.


Episode 9 - Hiking and Biking and Bears, Oh My!

Whitney and her friends arrive in Alaska for the Whit-a-thon. Tal injures himself performing for an exotic dancer that Whitney hires to help Heather get over Buddy. And Buddy calls with shocking news that he and Chelsea broke up.


Episode 10 - Where's Buddy Sleeping?

Whitney has a near death experience on the side of a cliff. Buddy arrives in Alaska, causing a scandal with his ex-girlfriend. A train trip to a glacier lake gives everyone a chance to get up close and personal with an iceberg.


Episode 11 - A Stormy Affair

Whitney and Buddy return from Alaska, raising questions about their relationship. A guest teacher shows BGDC how to twerk. Babs undergoes eye surgery as a massive hurricane approaches.


Episode 12 - Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

Whitney teaches three back-to-back dance classes in NYC at the biggest event of her career, then, much to her dismay, Buddy decides to move back to DC to pursue stand-up comedy. Their chemistry flares when they share a kiss.


Episode 13 - Game Night

Actress and comedian Kym Whitley hosts Whitney and her friends and family for a post-season game night! The contestants face off to see who knows the most, from Whitney's adoption drama to Buddy and Whitney's steamy kiss.


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