My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rescue Me

Whitney's all set for a whirlwind tour as a backup dancer, but a secret love has her rethinking everything. Ashley's packing a big surprise, Buddy and Heather are on the rocks and Todd's fixing to stab his eternal dance partner in the back.


Episode 2 - Ghosted

Whitney uncovers a dark truth about the man she's fallen for, but will he fess up when confronted? Todd refuses to give Whitney her class back, but she has a big fat trick up her sleeve. Heather confronts Buddy about his change of heart.


Episode 3 - Big Fat Ambush

In an effort to move on from her cheating ex-boyfriend, Avi, Whitney joins forces with Nada, his other ex from Egypt. Whitney and Nada never imagined they'd come face-to-face with Avi, but a chance encounter leaves them shell-shocked.


Episode 4 - Buddy's Missing

While helping Ashley prepare for her baby, Whitney panics about her own fertility, but is another cat the solution? Buddy's been missing for days, causing Whitney and Heather to investigate. But they're not prepared for what they find in his bedroom.


Episode 5 - Buddy's Big Secret

Buddy's been missing for over a week, and a visit to his parents' house has Whitney uncovering the harsh truth. Meanwhile, Ashley's about to give birth, and the reality of it all has her falling apart. Will Whitney's blessing ceremony do the trick?


Episode 6 - We're Having a Baby

Whitney helps Ashley induce labor, but when push comes to shove, the labor coach panics. Meanwhile, Piggy bites Babs, Glenn announces a Hawaiian surprise that no one saw coming and Heather gets a shocking letter from Buddy.


Episode 7 - A Sobering Reality

With the Hawaii trip fast approaching, Whitney prepares for the 5K. Whitney and Heather visit Buddy in rehab, and he tells the life and death story of how he got there. Whitney invites Buddy to Hawaii, but will he make it out in time?


Episode 8 - Aloha, Buddy

Buddy needs to find a sober coach in order to meet the gang in Hawaii. Whitney feels betrayed when Glenn admits he wasn't truthful about a very important detail of the 5K race. Babs gets jealous over Glenn's former girlfriend, Keiko.


Episode 9 - One K at a Time

Whitney decides to walk the 8K race, even though it's two miles farther than what she's prepared for. When her feet give out on her, she screams in agony but is still determined. Things take a dark turn when Buddy likens Whit's determination to addiction.


Episode 10 - Who's Your Buddy?

Fresh off the 8K, Whitney is forced to re-evaluate her goals. Six months out from her stroke, Babs gets behind the wheel for the first time. Caught between the former lovers, Whitney has to break some bad news to Heather and mend a rift with Buddy.


Episode 11 - Buddy's Next Move

With treatment coming to an end, Buddy must decide between Whitney's house and a sober-living facility in Charleston. Whitney tries to convince Buddy to give Heather closure. The Thore family receives devastating news.


Episode 12 - My Big Fat Baby

Before Buddy leaves town, he sits down for a final talk with Heather, but nothing could prepare her for the bombshell he delivers. Whitney questions her friendship with Buddy and announces an alarming plan to start a family.


Episode 13 - The Skinny

In a post season tell-all, Whitney and her friends and family sit down with host Shaun Robinson to talk about the challenges they faced this season, including everything from Whitney's broken heart to Buddy's drug addiction.


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