Supernanny Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Jeans Family

The Jeans' three young girls show no mercy on the middle-aged pair.


Episode 2 - Bullard Family

The sleep-deprived Bullard family turns to Jo Frost to tame their boys.


Episode 3 - Orm Family

Shawn and Tammy Orm have lost control of their three sons.


Episode 4 - Wischmeyer Family

Can Jo tame the Wischmeyer’s two tiny terrors and help their older brother?


Episode 5 - Weston Family

Four-year-old Andrew rules the roost with a reign of terror.


Episode 7 - Gorbea Family

An overwhelmed mother of three lets the baby of the family monopolize her.


Episode 8 - Ririe Family

A husband and wife can't agree on how to parent their four children.


Episode 9 - Collins Family

Four unruly British kids vow to be the first to prove that Supernanny can fail.


Episode 10 - Burnett Family

A household of seven, including two sets of toddler twins, needs a miracle.


Episode 11 - Christiansen Family

Colleen Christiansen and her husband Chris have boys gone wild!


Episode 12 - Supernanny Family Update Special

Jo revisits some of the families from season one to see how they are doing.


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