Supernanny Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Drake Family

Jo helps overprotective parents give their lively kids some freedom.


Episode 2 - Chapman Family

Jo helps two teenagers expected to care for their three little brothers.


Episode 3 - Schumacher Family

Hard-working parents get advice on instilling respect.


Episode 4 - Duan-Ahn Family

Jo helps a couple simplify the lives of their five children.


Episode 6 - Dostal Family

A couple with a misbehaving son receive advice.


Episode 7 - Daniels Family

Jo faces off with a couple whose six children rule the house.


Episode 8 - Wilson-Knutson Family

Pop star Wendy Wilson and husband Dan Knutson seek Jo's help.


Episode 9 - Tafoya Family

A mother of three boys walks out of Jo's parent meeting.


Episode 10 - Prescott Family

Jo helps heal a long-held rift between parents and the Mom's estranged Dad.


Episode 11 - Banjany Family

Jo helps a couple entrepreneurs draw the line between work and home life.


Episode 12 - McKeever Family

Jo helps the McKeevers with the terrible twosome terrorizing their family.


Episode 13 - Addis Family

Jo helps a family that has recently lost their live-in grandfather.


Episode 14 - Citarella Family

Jo helps a resistant mom tame her family of 4 chaotic kids.


Episode 15 - Schrage Family

Jo encounters the strangest sleeping arrangements she's ever seen.


Episode 16 - Clause Family

Jo helps a family at a critical point build solid relationship.


Episode 17 - Martinez Family

Jo provides parents the tools to ease some pressure of a new family dynamic.


Episode 18 - Browning Family

Jo help bring harmony to this home that is more like a battlefield.


Episode 19 - Doyle Family

Jo helps three children to be more respectful at home and out in public.


Episode 20 - Moy Family

When the eldest daughter misbehaves, it sets the tone for her siblings.


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