Supernanny Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Uva Family

The Uva boys disrupt their mom's pre-school and bully their classmates.


Episode 2 - Bowersock Family

Jo helps rescue a family caught up in a pattern of aggression and unhappiness.


Episode 3 - Weinstein Family

Jo helps a family with its bullying father.


Episode 4 - Fager Family

Jo takes a blended family of eight on a beach-side holiday.


Episode 5 - Swanson Family

Jo tries to keep parents from divorcing.


Episode 6 - Mihalik Family

Jo Frost tries to show a single mom how to implement rules that stick.


Episode 7 - Smith Family

Jo travels to Hawaii to help parents who cannot control their two young sons.


Episode 8 - Haines Family

Jo helps to topple a 4 year old dictator at the Haines household.


Episode 9 - Nitti Family

The four Nitti boys are at war with each other and their mom.


Episode 10 - Bruno Family

Jo helps a Dad save his relationship with his two older children.


Episode 11 - McAfee Family

Jo helps a divorced father of four living a lonely, isolated life in Alaska.


Episode 12 - Goins Family

Jo helps a mother frustrated by her children's aggression.


Episode 13 - Williams Family

Jo helps a single mother who works two jobs.


Episode 14 - Walker Family

Jo helps a couple with an in-home daycare business.


Episode 15 - Cantoni Family

Jo tries to help parents at odds on how to raise their children.


Episode 16 - Amouri Family

Jo helps a mother of four whose husband stays out late with friends.


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