Supernanny Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Atkinson Family

Jo tries to help bring a blended family together before it fractures.


Episode 2 - The Peterfreund Family

Jo tries to help a couple overwhelmed by their three older sons and a newborn.


Episode 3 - The Swift Family

Jo helps a couple with five unruly children.


Episode 4 - The Young Family

Jo travels to help a couple who forego disciplining their sons.


Episode 5 - The Van Acker Family

Jo helps parents of an anemic 3-year-old who refuses to be potty-trained.


Episode 6 - The Fernandez Family

Jo tries to help former high school sweethearts whose family is falling apart.


Episode 7 - The George Family

Jo tries to help a family with five aggressive daughters defuse their anger.


Episode 8 - The Miller Family

Jo helps an out of control family of eight establish boundaries.


Episode 9 - The Colombo Family

Jo helps a former educator and her husband create rules for their sons.


Episode 10 - The Potter Family

Jo helps a couple who have conflicting parenting styles.


Episode 11 - The Merrill Family

Jo helps a military mother of four adopted children maintain control.


Episode 12 - The Demott Family

Jo helps a New Jersey cop and his wife with their triplets and older son.


Episode 13 - Froebrich Family

Jo helps parents of five get respect and peace without smacking.


Episode 14 - The Federico Family

A woman who wants to be a "fun mom" struggles to accept Jo's advice.


Episode 15 - The Evans Family

On the series finale, Jo helps a family whose mom died of breast cancer.


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