Supernanny Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Colier Family

Jo helps a blended family on the brink examine their marriage.


Episode 2 - The Simmons Family

Pushover parents allow their two sets of twins to call the shots.


Episode 3 - The Phelps Family

Jo tries to help an Alabama family whose mother defends her right to spank.


Episode 4 - The Naszkiewicz Family

Jo tries to help parents tame their children and repair their relationship.


Episode 5 - The McGrath Family

Jo helps two parents regain control when they learn their son has diabetes.


Episode 6 - The Beck Family

Jo helps two parents get their three sons under control.


Episode 7 - The Heredia Family

Jo helps two parents harness the chaos of triplets.


Episode 8 - The Benton Family

A house with two sons is filled with yelling and empty threats.


Episode 9 - The Hallenbeck Family

A mother of two expects her parents to raise her children.


Episode 10 - Super-Manny Special: The Griswold Family

Super-Manny Mike Ruggles tries to help a chaotic Colorado family.


Episode 11 - The Mann Family

Jo helps two parents learn how to dicipline their daughter and triplets.


Episode 12 - The Johnson Family

Jo helps a family save their family business and restore order in the home.


Episode 13 - The McKinney Family

Jo helps a single mother of two reclaim power in her home.


Episode 14 - 100th Episode Special

Jo revisits some of the show's families to see how they are doing.


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