Supernanny Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Minyon Family

Young Skyler, three, rules the roost in the Minyon house.


Episode 2 - Webb Family

An exhausted family of five needs Jo's help.


Episode 3 - McMillion Family

A mom whose husband is serving in Afghanistan turns to Jo Frost for help.


Episode 4 - Larmer Family

The parents' constant fighting is the source of this family’s unrest.


Episode 5 - Cooke Family

American viewers are treated to Jo's trials with a British family, the Cookes.


Episode 6 - Amaral Family

Jo visits a chaotic family whose restaurant business has overrun their lives.


Episode 7 - Facente Family

Jo teams with an autism expert to help a child who is an outsider in his own home.


Episode 8 - Keilen Family

A family living the American dream has twin terrors making home life a nightmare.


Episode 9 - Bradbury-Lambert Family

A British kickboxing couple can't handle their own "Karate Kid."


Episode 10 - Tsironis Family

So happy for their miracle twins, the Tsironises completely spoil them.


Episode 11 - Carsley Family

Jo helps a harried single mom with five children that rule the roost.


Episode 12 - Schwartz Family

A feisty aunt lets her four nieces run wild.


Episode 13 - Silva Family

The Silvas are a blended "yours, mine and ours"family spiraling out of control.


Episode 14 - Young Family

Two parents working opposite shifts means big brother often has to babysit.


Episode 15 - Harmony Family

Erin and Jacob Harmony are at their wits' end raising three boys.


Episode 16 - Wujcik Family

The Wujciks want a tranquil home life, but Dad is a troublemaker.


Episode 17 - Jackson Family

Lisa and Terry Jackson are outnumbered by their five-year-old triplets.


Episode 18 - Newton Family

Jo tries to help a separated couple that shares custody of their sons.


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