Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Boob Job

Debra is upset when she sees Ray's giddy reaction to her friend's recently acquired "new and improved" breasts.


Episode 2 - The Can Opener

Everyone in the family takes sides when Ray and Debra have a senseless argument over a newly purchased can opener -- that seems to have opened a can of worms.


Episode 3 - You Bet

Ray is suspicious when Frank starts spending quality time with him and acting all "fatherly."


Episode 4 - Sex Talk

Ray and Debra are discouraged when they realize that their sex life isn't what it used to be.


Episode 5 - The Will

Upon drafting their wills, Ray and Debra must decide who would make the best guardians for their children.


Episode 6 - The Sister

Debra is upset when her hippie, free spirit sister decides to become -- a sister.


Episode 7 - Cousin Gerard

Ray is mortified when he hires his overwhelmingly annoying cousin Gerard to assist him and Debra points out how alike the two men are.


Episode 8 - Debra’s Workouts

Ray is bewildered, but not altogether displeased, when Debra starts initiating sex on a more than regular basis.


Episode 9 - No Thanks

Inspired by how well the Barones got along at Thanksgiving dinner, Debra is intent on finding a way to improve her relationship with Marie.


Episode 10 - Left Back

While discussing the possibility of having to hold Michael back for another year of pre-kindergarten, Ray is shocked to discover that he too was left back when he was that age.


Episode 11 - The Christmas Picture

Ray believes he has finally found the perfect Christmas gift for his parents – if nothing else, it will certainly be something they will remember forever. Robert Culp, Katherine Helmond, and Lew Schneider guest star.


Episode 12 - What’s With Robert?

The Barone family starts questioning Robert's sexual preferences when, after dating Amy for more than two years, he still can't commit to the relationship.


Episode 13 - Bully On The Bus

Ray and Debra have differing points of view on how best to handle the situation when they find out that Ally has been bullying another child on the school bus.


Episode 14 - Prodigal Son

Everyone gets on Ray's case because he's doesn't go to Sunday Mass. Charles Durning guest stars.


Episode 15 - Robert’s Rodeo

Ray feels tremendous guilt when he cancels plans with Robert who then gets hurt in the line of duty when he should have been hanging out with his brother.


Episode 16 - The Tenth Anniversary

As they celebrate their tenth anniversary, Debra discovers that Ray taped over their wedding video years before with the '91 Superbowl. Robert Culp, Katherine Helmond, and Charles Durning guest star.


Episode 17 - Hackidu

Ray screws up a "Hackidu" (à la Pokemon) trade for his daughter, Ally, by giving away a "Scramisaur" card that ends up being worth a lot of money. Paul Reubens and David Hunt guest star.


Episode 18 - Debra Makes Something Good

Debra throws the Barone family into turmoil when she finally creates a dish that everyone likes.


Episode 19 - Marie And Frank’s New Friends

Ray and Debra devises a plan to push Frank and Marie into making some new friends, thus leaving the older couple with less time to bother them, but it backfires.


Episode 20 - Alone Time

Ray finds it hard to understand why Debra needs her "alone time."


Episode 21 - Someone’s Cranky

Still recuperating from his recent run-in with a bull, a cantankerous Robert is driving everyone crazy with his mean-spirited and nasty behavior.


Episode 22 - Bad Moon Rising

Ray's attempts to alleviate Debra's PMS moodiness only make her more irritable.


Episode 23 - Confronting The Attacker

After losing his nerve on the job during his first day back from medical leave, Robert quits the police force.


Episode 24 - Robert’s Divorce

While out for a family dinner, the Barones spot Robert's ex-wife, which prompts them to reminisce about the demise of his marriage.


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