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Episode 1 - The Cult

Depressed that Marie and Debra can't seem to resolve their differences, Robert decides to join a support group that the family believes is a cult. After taking the feud between Marie and Debra very hard, Robert's cousin Gerard convinces him to attend a "Pathway" meeting -- a group seeking the path to inner peace and unlocking one's potential.


Episode 2 - Counseling

After arguing with Ray over his inability to help her with the housework, Debra becomes intrigued when their friends, Linda and Bernie, mention they've been seeing a marriage counselor. Although Ray is completely against the idea, he quickly adopts a cooperative attitude when they meet the therapist, Pamela.


Episode 3 - Homework

When Ally's teacher, Miss Purcell, overhears Ray commenting about the kids' excessive workload, she invites Raymond to address the curriculum review board and gives him a mountain of material for review and evaluation. But when Raymond still hasn't touched the material the night before the review, he goes to the one person he knows will help him with his homework...Marie.


Episode 4 - Pet the Bunny

When the twins doodle on the back of Ray's eulogy and then give it to Marie and Frank, Ray attempts to recover the kids pictures before Frank finds out what he did. After Marie confides she saw the eulogy and is upset that Ray didn't write one for her, Ray explains he wrote Frank's because he wanted to see if he could paint a softer picture of his father.


Episode 5 - Who Am I?

After Ray and Debra spend an evening apart, Ray admits he no longer enjoys his juvenile pursuits with his friends. Thrilled that Ray is finally growing up, Debra invites him to attend a book reading where Ray winds up falling asleep.


Episode 6 - Robert Needs Money

After deciding to lend Robert $1,000 when he complains he's struggling with finances, Ray and Debra are surprised when Robert uses the money for a vacation to Las Vegas. After Robert resists taking the money, because he's concerned he can't pay it back, Ray and Debra insist it's a gift.


Episode 7 - The Sigh

Debra indicates she's tired of sharing all her space with Ray, so he decides to give her exclusive use of their bathroom. Waiting to take a shower in the kids' bathroom, Ray realizes he's made a huge mistake when he finds puddles on the floor and the medicine cabinet overrun with action figures.


Episode 8 - The Annoying Kid

Ray and Debra are excited to have finally met a couple, Neil and Lauren, who are just like them, but Ray starts having mixed feelings when their son, Spencer, wreaks havoc around the Barone household.


Episode 9 - She's the One

Robert is excited because he's dating a great new woman, and hints to Ray and Debra that she might even be "The One." When Ray and Debra invite Robert and Angela over for dinner, the evening is wonderful until Ray sees Angela do something really strange.


Episode 10 - Marie's Vision

While Raymond, Robert and Frank don't want to bring up the fact that Marie is having vision trouble, Debra decides to level with her and suggests she visit an eye doctor.


Episode 11 - The Thought That Counts

When Raymond lies and tells Debra that he's already bought her an incredibly thoughtful Christmas present, he frantically tries to figure out what to get. In a fit of desperation, Ray turns to someone in his family who winds up knowing more about his wife than he does.


Episode 12 - Grandpa Steals

Frank must find a way to fix his image with Ally when she catches him "sampling" some trail mix at the supermarket. After Ally sees Frank get into an argument with the assistant produce manager, Debra tells Ray to talk to Frank about the incident.


Episode 13 - Somebody Hates Raymond

When Ray's friend, Andy, gets a job booking guests for a local sports radio show, Ray offers to appear as a guest, only to find out that the show's host, Jerry Musso, hates him.


Episode 14 - Just a Formality

Robert finally decides to propose to Amy. Robert confides his decision to Raymond and then convinces Ray to accompany him to meet Amy's ultra-conservative parents. Chris Elliott plays Amy's brother; Fred Willard and Georgina Engel play Amy's parents.


Episode 15 - The Disciplinarian

Tired of being labeled the "evil witch" around the house, Debra convinces Ray that it's his turn to discipline the kids. While leaving to take Ally to a Frontier Girls meeting, Debra tells Ray that he must force the twins to clean up their room or they can't go out and play.


Episode 16 - Sweet Charity

Ray starts spending less time at home when he volunteers at a hospital and becomes a hit with the patients. After Debra forces Ray to do some charity work at a local hospital, he winds up enjoying himself because the patients treat him like he's a celebrity.


Episode 17 - Meeting the Parents

Robert is caught in a compromising position by Amy's parents when they arrive unexpectedly at her apartment. After encountering another awkward moment with Robert, Amy's parents try to dissuade their daughter from marrying him, only to wind up coming to blows with Marie and Frank.


Episode 18 - The Plan

When Robert is put in charge of selecting his wedding invitations, Ray suggests he intentionally botch the assignment so that Amy will let Robert off the hook with their wedding plans. After convincing Robert to write a horrible version so that Amy will relieve him of wedding duties, Ray's plan backfires when Amy tells Robert that their planner mailed them out.


Episode 19 - Sleepover at Peggy's

Raymond is horrified when he thinks his "cookie nemesis" flirted with him. When Debra is too sick to take Ally to a sleepover, Ray reluctantly agrees to take her despite the fact he must come face to face with Peggy, the mom who physically assaulted him during the last cookie drive.


Episode 20 - Who's Next?

Debra gets annoyed with Ray when he seems pleased that she's picked one of her attractive friends to replace her if she dies. When Marie informs them an elderly neighbor, Rose Caputo, passed away, Frank wonders why Marie is taking the news so hard and she reveals she had chosen Rose to "replace" her.


Episode 21 - The Shower

Debra gives a bridal shower for Amy, but her good intentions get sidetracked by Marie's overzealous participation. When Marie attempts to "take over" Amy's wedding shower, Debra gets upset and yells at her, prompting Marie to leave in a huff.


Episode 22 - Baggage

Ray and Debra wind up in a two-week standoff over a suitcase. When Robert asks Ray if he can borrow a suitcase sitting on the stairway landing for his honeymoon, Ray explains he and Debra have been locked in an "unspoken" battle of wills since a weekend trip over who is responsible for putting the suitcase away.


Episode 23 - The Bachelor Party

Debra and Marie give Raymond a guilt trip when they find out that the bachelor party he hosted for Robert was a huge disappointment.


Episode 24 - Robert's Wedding, Pt. 1 And Pt. 2

Like their relationship, Robert and Amy's road to the altar is rocky. When Peter attempts to bury the hatchet between himself, Robert and Ray, Robert suspects he's up to no good and assigns Ray to keep an eye on him. Later, Robert and Amy exchange vows in a wedding ceremony in the Barone family tradition.


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