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Episode 1 - The Home

After Frank and Marie have a wonderful time visiting old friends, they deliver the shocking news to the family that they have decided to buy a condo in New Jersey. Ray, Debra, Robert and Amy can barely contain their happiness now that their nagging parents will live eighty-five minutes away.


Episode 2 - Not So Fast

Robert's anxiety gets the best of him when Amy puts her personal touch on their newly acquired home. Amy starts by attacking Frank's "odor" with lilac air fresheners, throwing out Marie's salt and pepper shakers and replacing the old dial phone.


Episode 3 - Angry Sex

Ray craftily turns what looks to be misfortune, after Debra and Marie fight, into a night of passion by helping Debra channel her emotions into what he terms, "angry sex."


Episode 4 - P.T. & A.

Following a PTA meeting, Debra comments on Ray's sloppy attire, and Ray tells Debra that he overheard one of the mothers say that she looked "trampy." Amy does not help matters when she admires Debra for wearing "young" clothes that aren't necessarily age appropriate.


Episode 5 - Ally's F

Debra and Ray are astonished when Ally comes home with an "F" in math on her report card. Ray and Debra set up a meeting with Ally's math teacher, Mr. Putnam, to see what she could do to improve.


Episode 6 - Boy's Therapy

Ray's unwillingness to share parental responsibilities with Debra sparks a conversation about his own childhood. Debra, Amy and Marie convince Ray and Frank to accompany Robert to see his therapist, Dr. Greenberg. Moments after arriving at Dr. Greenberg's office, Ray and Frank coerce Robert to ditch therapy and go to the racetrack instead.


Episode 7 - Debra's Parents

Debra invites her divorced parents to Thanksgiving dinner. Marie agrees to let Lois stay with her while Warren sleeps in Ray and Debra's bed. Ray is traumatized when he goes to his room and walks in on Lois and Warren having sex.


Episode 8 - A Job for Robert

Wondering why Marie is being extra nice to Robert and Amy, Ray discovers her plan: she wants grandchildren. Robert shares his disbelief with Amy that they are being "played" by Marie. Together, they confront Marie about her manipulative efforts in getting them to breed.


Episode 9 - A Date for Peter

Amy's parents are concerned that Peter is lonely and should start a family. Ray unwillingly goes to Peter's to give him some dating advice and encouragement. When that fails, Ray and Debra throw a cocktail party at their home to introduce Peter to eligible women.


Episode 10 - Favors

Ray frantically rummages through the kitchen drawer so he can show Andy and Gianni a personalized letter from Muhammed Ali. Debra is immediately assumed guilty and denies all blame, but later confesses to Marie that she lied to Ray and accidentally threw the letter out.


Episode 11 - The Faux Pas

Ray is dumbfounded when he realizes the magnitude of the blunder he made while at a Knicks game with Michael and Geoffrey's friend, Chris. Ray commented that the janitors would pick up Chris' mess, not knowing that Chris' dad, George, works as a custodian at the kid's school.


Episode 12 - Tasteless Frank

Marie is astounded when Frank puts salt on her homemade lasagna. While Debra and Amy console Marie, Ray and Robert discover that Frank lost his sense of taste from taking special herb pills for his "foot." Ray and Robert reveal to their wives the truth about Frank's problem.


Episode 13 - Sister-In-Law

Ray tells Robert that Amy is a chatterbox because she wouldn't stop talking to him while he was watching a basketball game. Ray's comment hurt Amy, but Robert cutting her off while she is talking angers her.


Episode 14 - The Power of No

Ray decides to watch the overtime of a basketball game instead of having sex with Debra. The next day, Debra gives Ray the "look" that she wants to have sex but later that night Ray surprises Debra by denying her once again.


Episode 15 - Pat's Secret

Robert is shocked when he catches Pat smoking a cigarette, but is thrilled to be part of Pat's dirty little secret. Robert continues to seize this opportunity to bond with Pat by taking a drag of a cigarette. When Amy smells smoke on Robert, his family accuses him of being a smoker.


Episode 16 - The Finale

Ray is admitted to the hospital for minor surgery, but unexpectedly falls into a coma. The family, fearing the worst, experiences a number of heart-warming flashbacks.


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