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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Italy (Part 1)

When Marie surprises the family with the news that she's treating them all to a two-week vacation in Rome, everybody loves the idea -- except Raymond. David Proval guest stars.


Episode 2 - Italy (Part 2)

When Marie surprises the family with the news that she's treating them all to a two-week vacation in Rome, everybody loves the idea -- except Raymond. David Proval guest stars.


Episode 3 - Wallpaper

Ray finally reaches the breaking point with his parents and kicks them out of his house.


Episode 4 - Meant To Be

Robert finds himself in the most unlikely position of having to choose one of three women – girlfriend Amy, ex-wife Joanne or Italian bombshell Stefania – to share the future with him.


Episode 5 - Pet Cemetery

Ray inadvertently commits "petslaughter" on Ally's hamster while Debra and the kids are away for the weekend.


Episode 6 - The Author

The competition for attention between Ray and Robert reaches an all- time high with the brothers ending up in fisticuffs.


Episode 7 - The Walk To The Door

Ray is mortified when he meets a girl whom he dated 25 years ago and believes he treated with disrespect.


Episode 8 - Young Girl

All hell breaks loose when Robert starts dating a girl half his age.


Episode 9 - Fighting In-Laws

While celebrating Thanksgiving, Debra discovers that her seemingly contented parents are really not very happy with each other.


Episode 10 - The Sneeze

Ray fears that he is going to come down with something dreadful after someone sneezes on him.


Episode 11 - Christmas Present

Ray buys Debra an elaborate Christmas gift in the hopes that she will be so impressed, she will let him go on a weekend golf trip with his buddies.


Episode 12 - What Good Are You?

Ray questions his manliness when everyone agrees that he's useless in an emergency situation.


Episode 13 - Super Bowl

Ray's exhilaration over being sent to cover the Super Bowl for his newspaper is overshadowed by the fact that he must choose whom he will take with him.


Episode 14 - Ray’s Journal

Ray is mortified when he realizes that Marie used to read the personal journal he kept when he was a teenager.


Episode 15 - Silent Partners

Debra is upset when she realizes, at a Valentine's Day dinner with Ray, that they no longer have anything to say to one another.


Episode 16 - Fairies

Ray is upset when he realizes that the twins, Michael and Geoffrey, are playing fairies in the school play.


Episode 17 - Stefania Arrives

Robert gets a surprise visit from Stefania, the woman with whom he fell head over heels in love when the Barones vacationed in Italy.


Episode 18 - Humm Vac

Ray buys a new state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner from an attractive door- to-door saleswoman and it ignites a housekeeping war between Marie and Debra.


Episode 19 - The Canister

Tempers flare when Marie accuses Debra of not returning a borrowed canister that has sentimental value and Debra insists that she has already given it back.


Episode 20 - Net Worth

Debra is angry when Ray contributes $1000 to his friends' hair-brained scheme -- to open a go-cart business -- without consulting her first.


Episode 21 - Let’s Fix Robert

Marie gathers Robert's ex-girlfriends Amy and Stefania and his female police partner, Judy, together so they can dissect his character in order to provide her with a better understanding of why her elder son can't commit to a relationship.


Episode 22 - Say Uncle

When Ray realizes that his kids would rather spend time with their Uncle Robert than with him, he decides to do something about the situation.


Episode 23 - Separation

Although Debra has been aware that her parents have been having problems, she is devastated to learn that they are planning to separate after 40 years of marriage.


Episode 24 - Frank Paints The House

Frank offers to paint Ray and Debra's house but refuses to paint it the color they have chosen.


Episode 25 - Ally’s Birth

Ray and Debra revisit the unusual circumstances surrounding their eldest child's birth.


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