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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Feeling Bleu

Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and comedian Bobby Moynihan team up, but beating Bobby Flay is no joking matter. They're bringing in Beantown chef Marcellus Coleman and Bobby's number one fan, Lionel Haeberle, to slay the Flay.


Episode 2 - Take a Bao

Feisty Brooklyn chef Suchanan Aksornnan battles innovative Miami restaurateur Richard Hales, and it's up to actor David Alan Grier and Chef Carla Hall to decide who has what it takes to beat Bobby Flay.


Episode 3 - Ain't That Dandy

Actor Ben Feldman and The Kitchen's Katie Lee are ready for some action. They're bringing in jack-of-all-trades Jason Dady and Italian master Mike DeCamp to compete for the opportunity to best Bobby Flay.


Episode 4 - The Iron Age

Battle: Iron Chef hits the kitchen with Jose Garces taking on the newest Iron Chef, Stephanie Izard. Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and tough judge Simon Majumdar use their elevated palates to decide whose cuisine reigns supreme.


Episode 5 - Turkey's Done

There's a lot to be thankful for when Sunny Anderson and Bobby Flay's daughter, Sophie, are in the house. Clayton Chapman and Italian authority Tony Priolo battle it out for the chance to stuff Bobby like a turkey.


Episode 6 - Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Style hits the kitchen when Harlem's Marcus Samuelsson and Los Angeles' finest Michael Voltaggio arrive to conquer Mount Flay. They count on dim sum master Ed Harris or seafood connoisseur Jason McLeod to help get to the top.


Episode 7 - Rotten Tomatoes for Bobby

Chopped judge Scott Conant and actress Helene Yorke are in the house and out for blood. Jamaican ambassador Andre Fowles and Laotian and Chinese chef Darren Sayphraraj battle it out to get to Bobby Flay.


Episode 8 - Holidays Are for Battle

Bells will be ringing when Alex Guarnaschelli and Tia Mowry arrive in the wintery arena. Neapolitan chef Simone Falco battles Euro chef Eoghain O'Neill for the right to spoil Bobby Flay's holiday dinner.


Episode 9 - Cracking a Win

The competition gets tough when French chef David Baruthio and hot shot Blake Hartwick bring their chops to the arena. Anne Burrell teams up with Andrew Zimmern to make the call on who will go up against Bobby Flay.


Episode 11 - Windy City Wants More

The winds of fortune are blowing for Toronto's David Adjey and Chicago's Cory Morris. It's up to Chopped judge Scott Conant and Internet star Hannah Hart to decide who goes up against Bobby Flay.


Episode 12 - Who Done It?

Lorraine Pascale and Damaris Phillips are in the arena to figure out which baker will take on Bobby Flay. Spunky cake master Andrea Bergin and New Orleans pastry chef Jeremy Fogg show their skills for the chance at making history.


Episode 13 - Clamming Up

Indian spice master Kiran Patnam and creative chef Jonathan Wu bring big city energy to the arena. It's up to Chopped judges Amanda Freitag and Geoffrey Zakarian to decide which contender has what it takes to slay the Flay.


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