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Episode 1 - The Queen Is In

The queen of food, Martha Stewart, graces the kitchen along with her pal, Chef Richard Blais. They hold court with talented chefs Katherine Fuchs and Michael Merida to make Bobby Flay look like the court jester.


Episode 2 - The Lady Butchers

Carnivorous' Courtney Rada and Iron Chef Michael Symon source Cleveland chefs Penny Barend and Melissa Khoury to bring Bobby Flay down. These lady butchers are ready to slice and dice the competition.


Episode 3 - This Just In!

News anchor Don Lemon and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli have a news flash: Bobby Flay is going down. They bring in two award-winning chefs that are in it to win it, Dieter Samijn of Bar Boulud and Patrick Schaeffer of Citi Field.


Episode 4 - The Queen Returns

Culinary queen Martha Stewart returns with Iron Chef Michael Symon to defeat Bobby Flay. They bring in two young guns, brunch maven Sarah Wade and sous chef Max Castro, to see if Bobby can keep up with the future food generation.


Episode 5 - We'll Be the Judge

Regulars at the judges' table, chefs Ed McFarland and Dale Talde trade in their tasting spoons for chef knives as they try to defeat Bobby Flay. Sunny Anderson and Geoffrey Zakarian are here to cheer them on to victory.


Episode 6 - The View from the Top

Food Network's Michael Symon gets help from The View's Sunny Hostin as they try to cut Bobby Flay down to size. New York chef Pom Amaritnant duels with Chef Troy Gagliardo from North Carolina for a chance to dethrone the king.


Episode 7 - All Dried Out Over You

Chef Anne Burrell and actor David Burtka dig deep for two powerful chefs that can take down Bobby Flay. Australian chef Rachael Polhill and Chef Ian Redshaw from Charlottesville, VA, are here to ensure victory is served.


Episode 8 - Don't Sugarcoat It

Best Baker's Marcela Valladolid pairs up with Cake Boss Buddy Valastro to try and score a sweet victory against Bobby Flay. Atlanta pastry chefs Jocelyn Gragg and Kathleen McDaniel aren't here to sugarcoat -- they're here to win.


Episode 9 - Blast from the Past

Chopped's Ted Allen and Chef Carla Hall dig deep into Bobby Flay's past for opponents who know Bobby and his food really well. Southern chefs Wesley True and Justin Hunt are ready to take care of unfinished business -- with a win!


Episode 10 - BBF: Beat my Best Friend

Chef Michael Symon enlists his pal, TV host Clinton Kelly, to distract Bobby Flay with their friendship. They get additional help from master chefs Sylvain Delpique and Jackie Mazza, who bring the tension to a boil in the kitchen.


Episode 11 - The Grill Fits the Bill

Food Network's Marc Murphy and Chef Anne Burrell want to rake Bobby Flay over the coals. They'll have help from two grill masters, Chef David Bancroft and BBQ champion Susie Bulloch, as they show no chill trying to grill Bobby.


Episode 12 - Sibling Rivalry

Siblings Matt and Lisa Storch take their rivalry to the next level when they challenge each other for a chance to try and torch Bobby Flay. Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Damaris Phillips are there to cheer them on to victory.


Episode 13 - No Cake Walk

In a star-studded event, not one, not two, but three of Bobby Flay's friends unite to try and take him down. Sunny Anderson, Alex Guarnaschelli and Buddy Valastro do their best to take the cake, but Bobby may find a way to beat the odds and win.


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