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Season 23 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - You Look Radishing

Chef Charlie Loomis of Chattanooga faces off against Chef Israel Rivera from Albuquerque, NM, for a shot at Bobby Flay. Giada De Laurentiis gets assistance from actress Betsy Brandt as they try to pester Bobby into a loss.


Episode 2 - Don’t Fiddle Around!

Chef Geoff Lazlo faces off against Chef Daniel Wright, and both want to see Bobby Flay go up in smoke. Chef Josh Capon is joined by actress Teri Hatcher to make sure the chefs have the firepower to win.


Episode 3 - That's Amore

Food Network Star winner Christian Petroni joins forces with Chef Carla Hall to take down Bobby Flay, and they bring two dynamic chefs who have mastered the food of his motherland, Italy.


Episode 4 - America's Funniest Food Show

Things get zany in the kitchen when the king of dad jokes, actor and comedian Bob Saget, teams up with Worst Cooks in America's Chef Anne Burrell to get the last laugh on Bobby Flay.


Episode 5 - Pretty Little Fryer

Best Baker in America's Scott Conant teams up with actress Sasha Pieterse to get the truth and a loss out of Bobby Flay. They get a little help from talented farm-to-table chef Anthony Lo Pinto and seafood maven Franco Robazetti.


Episode 6 - Perched for Victory

Worst Cooks in America's Anne Burrell gets a little help from her friend Valerie Bertinelli on the mission to bring down Bobby Flay. They recruit Napa Valley's Elizabeth Binder and Washington, D.C.'s Mike Ellis to help them.


Episode 7 - This'll Stick in Your Craw

Hawaiian chef Jojo Vasquez tangles with Nashville's Brian Riggenbach for the chance to one-up Bobby Flay in his own kitchen. Sunny Anderson and Clinton Kelly are here to make sure no one plays nice when it comes to beating Bobby.


Episode 8 - The Cheese Stands Alone

The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson and Chef Giada De Laurentiis team up again to bring the heat into Bobby Flay's kitchen. The dynamic duo has recruited Indian expert Chef Paddy Rawal and Caribbean specialist Chef Trey Lamont.


Episode 9 - Chocolate Covered Clash

Michael Voltaggio gets help from a special guest, actress Drew Barrymore, to take down Bobby Flay. They bring in fantastic pastry chefs DaVee Harned and Miriam Rieder Taylor, who are ready to take home the win.


Episode 10 - We Will, We Will Judge You

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and actor Lou Diamond Phillips bring in heavy hitters to take Bobby Flay down. They recruit former judges Chef Adrienne Cheatham and Chef Michele Ragussis, both ready for a win of their own.


Episode 11 - The Power of Jane

Actress Jane Krakowski teams up with Chef Michael Symon to steal Bobby Flay's spotlight. They bring in no-nonsense chefs Attila Bollok from Los Angeles and Matthew Spinner from Cleveland to give Bobby an early curtain call.


Episode 12 - Guess Who's Back?

Fine-dining chef Ryan Lory and Italian chef Jackie Rothong are back to take another shot at Bobby Flay. They've got Chef Josh Capon and The Kitchen's Katie Lee in their corner as they seek sweet revenge.


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