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Season 30 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Get in the Game

Jaymee Sire and Jeff Mauro bring the energy to wear Bobby Flay down. Chefs Laura Gonzalez and Steven Lingenfelter try to take advantage while Jeff and Jaymee distract Bobby.


Episode 2 - You Braise Me Up

Alex Guarnaschelli and legendary singer Josh Groban hit the high notes and raise up their chefs, Thomas Youell and Diego Sanchez, to grill Bobby Flay in his own kitchen.


Episode 3 - BBQ'd Revenge

BBQ Brawlers Megan Day and David Sandusky are back to seek vengeance against Bobby Flay, who did not pick them for his team on Brawl. BBQ Brawl judges Brooke Williamson and Carson Kressley are there to help them get sweet revenge.


Episode 4 - It's Tila Time

Food Network's favorite couple Jet and Ali Tila bring their Team Tila energy into the kitchen to serve Bobby Flay a loss. Things get heated when chefs Renata Ferraro and Ricky Dolinsky duel it out for a shot against Flay.


Episode 5 - High Steaks

Chefs Trisha Perez Kennealy and Cesar Aldrete face each other in a battle of strip steaks. Their goal is to take down Bobby Flay with the help of Anne Burrell and Josh Capon.


Episode 6 - Don't Oaxacaway from Me

Chefs Noah Zamler and Aerin Zavory are here to make sure Bobby Flay doesn't "Oaxacaway" with the competition. They've got Geoffrey Zakarian and Brooke Williamson on their team to pummel Bobby with pranks.


Episode 7 - British Invasion

British bloke Brooklyn Beckham recruits Sunny Anderson to bring a transatlantic takeover to Bobby Flay's kitchen. Chefs Francis Legge and Caroline Budge are ready to bring the heat from across the pond.


Episode 8 - In Bobby's Kitchen, with Amy

Calamity ensues when Amy Sedaris teams up with Michael Symon to take Bobby Flay down. Comfort food queens Kristin Beringson and Amanda Salas are ready to dish out a loss.


Episode 9 - A is for Aasif, Alex, Ambush!

Actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli join forces with chefs Surbi Sahni and Diane Lam to test Bobby Flay's abilities and teach him one more A-word: the agony of defeat!


Episode 10 - You're So Buteau-ful

Michael Voltaggio and comedian Michelle Buteau keep Bobby Flay in stitches as he tries to work, while chefs Zev Bennett and Petrina Peart stop at nothing to secure a win.


Episode 11 - Smoove Operator

Damaris Phillips and actor JB Smoove are ready to get in Bobby Flay's face if that's what it takes to get a victory. They get help from chefs Christian Gill and Cecelia Valencia, who want to sandwich Bobby out of the kitchen.


Episode 12 - Watch the Throne

The Kitchen's Jeff Mauro and Chef Tiffani Faison give Bobby Flay a royal pain as chefs Natalia Rosario and Roosevelt Ceasar make a run for his crown.


Episode 13 - Food, But Make It Fashion

Bobby Flay takes to the catwalk to try to avoid a loss from Sunny Anderson and Carson Kressley. Chefs Eli Dunn and Kim Mills bring the food and the flair.


Episode 14 - Hale to the Chefs

Comedic actor Tony Hale seeks Amanda Freitag's help to fulfill his childhood dream of conquering Bobby Flay. They've brought in chefs Cristian Rebolledo and Matt Migliore to create a globally inspired dish fit for victory.


Episode 15 - Alex, Eric & America vs Bobby

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli reunites with her Alex vs America host Chef Eric Adjepong to lead the charge for chefs Tara Monsod and Tomas Chavarria to take Bobby Flay down a peg.


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