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Episode 1 - Ready, Set, Grill!

The BBQ princess, Leslie Roark Scott, goes up against the queen of pork, Jess DeSham Timmons, for a chance to grill Bobby Flay. Racing legend Danica Patrick and Eddie Jackson try to wave the checkered flag on Bobby’s victory lap.


Episode 2 - Summer Lovin'

Chef Carla Hall tries to beat the summer heat with TV announcer Steve Higgins. They recruit red-hot chefs Kathy Sidell and Vinson Petrillo to light a fire under Bobby Flay and take him out.


Episode 3 - Gives You Goosebumps

The star ingredient gives everyone goosebumps, including Chopped's Scott Conant and comedic actress Cheri Oteri. Texas chef Nick Walker and Bosnian chef Senada Grbic hope to return the favor to Bobby Flay.


Episode 4 - Go Nuts!

Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson join forces to decide who has what it takes to get the job done against Bobby Flay. Seafood specialist Ian Rough battles California ranch chef Anthony Endy for a chance to go against the master.


Episode 5 - Superchef, Supermodel

Superchef Anne Burrell teams up with supermodel Gigi Hadid to give Bobby Flay a real taste of the spotlight.They're hoping international chefs Melissa Araujo and Max Robbins can blind Bobby with their brilliance and cat-walk out with a win.


Episode 6 - Beat Bobby Flay: The Musical

Food Network's Damaris Phillips gets TV host Jaymee Sire to join her sing-along that doesn't end, much to Bobby Flay's annoyance. They get culinary assistance from French chef Remi Granger and Philadelphia native Elijah Milligan.


Episode 7 - So Much Shade

Chopped's Scott Conant recruits actress Vivica A. Fox to help throw shade at Bobby Flay. Hoping Bobby freezes under the pressure are French master Chef Nico Romo and Caribbean enthusiast Chef Peter Prime.


Episode 8 - Fresh-Squeezed

Michael Symon and Amanda Frietag are ready to make sure Bobby Flay goes home empty-handed. Chef Carrie Eagle soars into the arena to take on Cincinnati stalwart Jose Salazar for a chance to squeeze out a win against Bobby.


Episode 9 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Voltaggio love nothing more than getting Bobby Flay beat, so they're cheering on fine dining expert Jennifer Dewasha and seafood aficionado Devin Bozkaya.


Episode 10 - It's All Gouda

Emotions run high as Anne Burrell and Michael Voltaggio bring in two young chefs to challenge Bobby Flay. The two up-and-comers, Dafna Mizrahi and Jose DeJesus, specialize in Mexican cuisine, and they're not going to play nice!


Episode 11 - Going Global

Chef Richard Blais recruits TV personality Laura Vitale to try to knock Bobby Flay down a peg or two. They enlist the help of global food enthusiasts Chef Reza Setayesh and Chef Andy Gaynor to make Bobby's world spin.


Episode 12 - You're Masa-ing with Me!

Food Network's Jet Tila and Chef Carla Hall are hoping to get sweet revenge over Bobby Flay. They bring in Asian food specialists Chef Dan Jacobs and Chef Tony Nguyen to dodge Bobby's curveballs and take home a win.


Episode 13 - The Dynamic Duo

Formidable duo Michael Symon and Giada De Laurentiis reunite to try to continue their winning streak against Bobby Flay. They've brought in Italian master chefs Jessica Gamble and Fabrizio Schenardi to challenge Bobby with a dish he's never won before.


Episode 14 - A Sticky Situation

Chopped's Alex Guarnaschelli and Geoffrey Zakarian have brought in two talented pastry chefs, Erica Land and Jacqueline Joy Dino, to sprinkle the kitchen with sugar and spice and a loss for Bobby Flay.


Episode 15 - Double Trouble

SNL's Heidi Gardner pairs up with Food Network's Katie Lee to give Bobby Flay a double dose of trouble. Duo Iesha Williams and Nirva Israel-Llorca go toe-to-toe with Mark and DeAnna Germano for a chance to double down on a win.


Episode 16 - The Nightmare Before Pastry

Katie Lee and Zac Young want to scare up a victory, but Bobby Flay isn't giving up without a fright. Pastry chefs Michael McGowan and Kareem Queeman have a scream at the spooky star ingredient and hope to leave the kitchen with a night of the living win.


Episode 17 - All About That Baste

Bobby Flay has a full house for Turkey Day when he's joined by Food Network's Damaris Phillips and Man v. Food host Casey Webb. Chefs Kevin Grossi and Lindsay Porter want a second helping of victory!


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