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Season 18 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Fright Club

There's a thrill of fear in the air when Jesse Palmer and Eddie Jackson step into Bobby Flay's arena. Frank "The Bull" Terzoli and John Patterson shake off the scare as they prepare to face Bobby and deliver his worst nightmare.


Episode 2 - Aged to Perfection

Michael Strahan and Michael Symon have handpicked a New York chef with attitude and a Southern sweetie hoping to score a touchdown on Bobby's home turf.


Episode 3 - Family Matters

A duo of father-and-son chefs battle it out to prove that the only thing stronger than family is their desire to beat Bobby Flay.


Episode 4 - Knighted Sir Loin

A Sonoma County chef and a Jersey-strong chef fight for the right to battle greatness but the palates of Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Voltaggio stand in the way.


Episode 5 - Baked to Perfection

Pastry chefs Mathew Rice and Thiago Silva fire up the ovens for a chance to bake sweet circles around Bobby Flay. Ted Allen and master baker Gesine Prado have a sweet tooth, and the only cure is beating Bobby!


Episode 6 - Drop the Mic

Chopped's Amanda Freitag and comedian Jo Koy invite chefs Ryan Hackney and Nora Haron to bring their kitchen skills and the winning punchline to beat Bobby!


Episode 7 - Stuffed with Victory

Geoffrey Zakarian and TV host Sara Haines have a lot to be thankful for at the table this year, and they've brought in Creole Chef Bernard Carmouche and meatball master Daniel Sharp to stuff Bobby Flay like a turkey.


Episode 8 - Say Cheese!

Seasoned farmer and chef Duskie Estes goes up against pasta heir Francesco Buitoni to put Bobby Flay out to pasture, with Giada de Laurentiis and The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson choosing the chef that will plow Bobby down.


Episode 9 - Cream of the Crop

It's up to Katie Lee and Valerie Bertinelli to make the call when Chef Chris Henry from Massachusetts battles Buffalo, NY's Chef Steve Gedra for a chance at the champ!


Episode 10 - Wrapping Up Victory

Food Network's Amanda Freitag invites actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler to bring some cheer to the arena. They ho-ho-ho-hope that either Chef Ron Duprat or Chef Gabriel Pascuzzi can slip in Grinch-style to steal the win from Bobby Flay.


Episode 11 - Sprouting Victory

Canadian chef Lawrence Letrero matches wits with Ohio's Jack Moore for the chance at Bobby Flay. Scott Conant and Anne Burrell, who share a love of big hair and watching Bobby lose, conspire to bring home the win.


Episode 12 - Sweet, Sweet Revenge!

Brooklyn pastry chefs Clarice Lam and Caroline Schiff are back in the kitchen for revenge after Bobby Flay beat them with something sweet. This time, chefs Michael Symon and Josh Capon are on their side to help make Bobby crumble.


Episode 13 - Heavy Lifting

Food Network's Alton Brown and Jet Tila know that to beat Bobby Flay, they're going to have to bring in the heavy-hitters: two James Beard Award-winning chefs, Cleveland's Jonathon Sawyer and New York City's Mark Ladner.


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