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Season 17 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Waltz Up a Win

Dancing with the Stars' Derek Hough and food personality Carla Hall decide who to whisk up to compete against Bobby Flay. Doughnut queen Katy Gerdes and French-trained chef Olivier Palazzo face off in this sweet culinary cook-off.


Episode 2 - Culinary Knockout

Giada De Laurentiis and Chef Michael Voltaggio play referee in a match to take Bobby Flay down. Entering the arena with their eye on the prize is San Antonio's Chef Geronimo Lopez and Philippines native Chef Frances Tariga.


Episode 3 - Flying Aubergines

Food Network personalities Anne Burrell and Jet Tila team up to take down Bobby Flay. They have to choose between pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani and England's Robert Aikens, who are both ready to prove their skill in the kitchen.


Episode 4 - Fields of Greens

Worlds collide when Irish firecracker Chef Maeve Rochford faces Indian cuisine enthusiast Chef Navjot Arora. It's up to two of Food Network's finest, Alex Guarnaschelli and Damaris Phillips, to decide who will confront Bobby Flay.


Episode 5 - Winning in My Dreams

Singer Debbie Gibson and The Kitchen's Katie Lee team up to bring a winning tune to the arena. Chefs Ype Von Hengst and William Wright compete to see which is a pitch-perfect contender to take on Bobby Flay.


Episode 6 - Never Give Up

One shot at Bobby Flay wasn't enough for chefs Pasquale Cozzolino and Ivana Raca, who are back for more. Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Stephanie Izard give the play-by-play and dole out their final shot at redemption.


Episode 7 - Chocolate Victory

Bobby Flay brings his A game when Mexican cuisine chef Katy Smith and Denver chef Jose Guerrero show up with talent to spare. The pressure is on for Iron Chef Michael Symon and Valerie Bertinelli to choose their contender.


Episode 8 - Joke's On Bobby

Actress Emilie de Ravin and Beach Bites' Katie Lee aren't joking around as they recruit chefs Jamie Lynch and Shorne Benjamin to face Bobby Flay and have the last laugh.


Episode 9 - Fit to Flay

Chopped's Scott Conant and actress Jane Seymour team up to make Bobby Flay sweat. They've recruited a couple of big-name chefs, New York City's Nate Appleman and Italy's own Silvia Barban, to beat Flay to the finish line.


Episode 10 - Skating By

Chef Nicole Brisson rolls the dice against Chef Adam Greenberg for the chance to beat the house. Anne Burrell and TV host Jaymee Sire must play their cards and choose a contender to go all in against Bobby Flay.


Episode 11 - Feel the Judgment

Past Beat Bobby Flay judges Christian Petroni and Leah Cohen return to the kitchen to take matters into their own hands. Laura Vitale and Jet Tila judge the judges to deliver the verdict on who will serve Bobby justice.


Episode 12 - Chop of the Mornin' to Ya

There's expertise in spades when Amanda Freitag and Laura Vitale arrive in Bobby Flay's arena. They're bringing in the heavy hitters with chefs Asif Syed and Jordan Frosolone to teach the master a lesson in defeat.


Episode 13 - Shucking the Competition

French chefs Laurent Zirotti and Eric Damidot go head to head in the arena, and Food Network's Geoffrey Zakarian and Damaris Phillips choose the chef who has what it takes to say au revoir to Bobby Flay.


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