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Episode 1 - Bobby Mackey's Music World

Zak leads his crew to Wilder, KY, to investigate one of the most haunted places in the country: Bobby Mackey's Music World. During the dusk-to-dawn lockdown, the team realizes why this cheerful nightclub is known as Hell's Gate.


Episode 2 - Houghton Mansion

The crew investigates the ghostly goings-on in the Houghton Mansion. A series of tragic deaths in a short period of time may be the cause of unsettling events at this stunning 19th-century mansion.


Episode 3 - Moundsville Penitentiary

The crew investigates one of the darkest hauntings in West Virginia -- Moundsville State Penitentiary. The abandoned prison may be empty, but its evil and violent past comes to life before the cameras.


Episode 4 - Riddle House

The crew heads to Florida to investigate the Riddle House, formerly home to cemetery caretakers, now part of a historical village. With the help of a local psychic, the crew hones in on its grim past.


Episode 5 - Sloss Furnace

The crew heads to Birmingham, AL, to investigate a now-defunct iron factory. A black mist and other unexplained phenomena lead the crew to believe the souls of former workers continue to inhabit the grounds.


Episode 6 - Former Psychiatric Hospital

Zak leads his team to one of the creepiest spots in New Jersey to investigate reports of disembodied voices and dark shadows. Locked in overnight, the crew must face the nightmare inside the abandoned psychiatric hospital.


Episode 7 - Edinburgh Vaults

Zak and the crew travel to Scotland to investigate the infamous Edinburgh Vaults. In these dank underground passages, various spirits, from the young and innocent to the cruel and criminal, make their presence felt and heard.


Episode 8 - The Old Idaho Penitentiary

The crew travels to Boise, ID, to confront the evil left behind in an abandoned prison. The criminals may be gone, but their spirits remain locked behind the high stone walls of the penitentiary.


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