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Season 13 Episode Guide

Episode 2 - Sallie House

Zak and the crew head to Kansas to explore the violent spirits dwelling inside the Sallie House. Zak invites a former tenant to investigate, but it results with a spirit attacking the tenant and causing a welt on his neck.


Episode 3 - Nopeming Sanatorium

Zak and the crew head to Duluth, MN, to become the first paranormal team to investigate the Nopeming Sanatorium, where thousands of lives were lost to tuberculosis and spirits of the dead can still be heard echo in the hallways.


Episode 4 - Apache Junction

The crew spends the night in the ghost town of Apache Junction, AZ. Zak tests new gas-detecting equipment in the mines, and Jay is utterly startled when he sees a man in a trench coat roaming through the town.


Episode 5 - Return to Tombstone

The crew returns to Tombstone, AZ, to hunt down an entity terrorizing a bar, known as The Swamper. Zak sends Aaron to the Swamper's lair by himself, but can Aaron brave the investigation after hearing phantom footsteps?


Episode 6 - Demons in Seattle

Zak and the crew travel to Seattle to validate the claims of a powerful poltergeist burning bibles and crosses, flipping heavy furniture and carving demonic symbols inside a suburban household.


Episode 7 - Texas Horror Hotel

Zak and the crew head to Texas to investigate a horror hotel, haunted by a spirit of a little girl. Before the lockdown, the guys take a detour to verify reports of a spirit pushing parked cars onto train tracks.


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