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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Gettysburg

In a special three-part lockdown, Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Pennsylvania on the anniversary of the bloodiest conflict of the Civil War.


Episode 2 - Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling Hills Asylum had as many roles as it had characters. A Satan-worshiping nurse, a gentle giant and an alleged child molester all roam its halls. Now, Zak, Nick and Aaron have cast themselves in this theater of the damned.


Episode 3 - Return to Bobby Mackey's

When they first investigated Bobby Mackey's Music World in 2008, the Ghost Adventures crew was physically attacked by unseen forces. The crew returns to Kentucky to confront the ghosts who have terrorized them the past two years.


Episode 4 - Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills Sanatorium was the final destination for many who were without hope. With no cure in sight, death was a daily occurrence. The crew investigates the dark history along with the spirits that are still trapped.


Episode 5 - Stanley Hotel

Zak, Nick and Aaron get locked down in the Stanley Hotel, the actual house of horrors that inspired Stephen King to pen his classic horror novel, The Shining.


Episode 6 - Hill View Manor

Zak, Nick and Aaron feel the torment of the spirits as they walk through the paint-peeled walls of a former home to the destitute in western Pennsylvania.


Episode 7 - Vulture Mine

Violence and corruption at the Vulture Mine led to unspeakable deaths in the 1800s. Now Zak, Nick and Aaron head deep into the Arizona desert to investigate the evil spirits haunting the barren ghost town.


Episode 8 - USS Hornet

Zak, Nick and Aaron explore the iron giant known as the USS Hornet, a 1940s aircraft carrier docked in the San Francisco Bay. Visitors report seeing apparitions of the crew along with bloodstains that simply disappear at will.


Episode 9 - Fort Chaffee

The Ghost Adventures crew reports for duty to uncover the truth about a haunted fort in western Arkansas.


Episode 10 - Amargosa Opera House

Zak, Nick and Aaron battle a vicious spirit with a penchant for hating men in the dusty mining town of Death Valley Junction, CA.


Episode 11 - Old Fort Erie

Zak, Nick and Aaron uncover the gruesome stories of lives lost in the War of 1812. They investigate the deeply haunted location in the hopes of making contact with the men who made the ultimate sacrifice for their countries.


Episode 12 - Villisca Axe Murder House

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Villisca, Iowa, to investigate the site of brutal unsolved murder that still haunts the town to this day.


Episode 13 - Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub

The Ghost Adventures crew investigates a Seattle building's current tenant for the unrested souls connected to a corrupt funeral home that operated in the early 1900s.


Episode 14 - Pico House Hotel

The Ghost Adventures crew travel to the heart of Los Angeles to investigate the site of a bloody massacre with special guests, the Hollywood Ghost Hunters.


Episode 15 - Bonnie Springs Ranch

Once a stop for pioneer settlers, then a movie set for Hollywood Westerns, Bonnie Springs Ranch is full of memories, real and fabricated. But could these buildings also be triggering violent responses from beyond the grave?


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