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Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episodes

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Season 18 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Skinwalker Canyon

Zak and the crew are given special permission from the Navajo Nation to investigate Skinwalker Canyon, a place where many residents refuse to enter in fear of encountering shape-shifting creatures.


Episode 2 - Upper Fruitland Curse

Zak and his crew head to New Mexico to help a family who are troubled by the ghost of a faceless young boy. During the intense lockdown inside the Navajo Nation, the guys capture a chair moving on its own.


Episode 3 - Witches in Magna

Zak and the crew investigate a family-owned pizzeria in Magna, UT, that's been cursed by an evil witch. During the lockdown, the guys try to draw out what's in the basement and get some violent responses.


Episode 4 - The Viper Room

Zak investigates the infamous Viper Room on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip. With a famous owner, the tragic death of a beloved actor and the unsolved disappearance of a business partner, the club is filled with sinister energy.


Episode 5 - Asylum 49

Zak and the crew return to Tooele, UT, to investigate a recently abandoned nursing home that shares a building with a haunted attraction. During the lockdown, something grabs Aaron's ear, and he witnesses a shadow figure.


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