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Season 15 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Black Dahlia House

Zak and the crew travel to Los Angeles to investigate one of the most iconic murder mysteries, The Black Dahlia. Members of the team experience negative energy, and audio and visual recordings give the team clues about the murder.


Episode 2 - Secret Scientology Lab

The crew heads to Los Angeles to investigate a compound that served as a Scientology lab. They encounter disturbing energy, and Jay gets mysterious burns after provoking the spirit of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.


Episode 3 - Bracken Fern and Tudor House

Zak and the crew head to Lake Arrowhead, CA, to investigate two buildings plagued with demonic activity. Shockingly, the guys uncover a secret tunnel that allows the demon to travel between the two buildings.


Episode 4 - Return to the Riviera

Zak and the crew return to Las Vegas, NV, to investigate the Riviera Hotel and Casino, which is now scheduled for demolition. The team invites four fans to join them for the unprecedented investigation.


Episode 5 - Chinese Town of Locke

The Ghost Adventures crew invites Today Show correspondent Dylan Dreyer to investigate Locke, CA, a ghost town formerly run by the Chinese mafia.


Episode 6 - Star of India

Zak and the crew climb aboard the legendary 150-year-old Star of India docked in San Diego. Once a vessel carrying immigrants and workers, it now carries the souls of a suicide victim and children who didn't survive.


Episode 7 - Leslie's Family Tree

The crew travels to Utah to investigate a restaurant with a bloody connection to a war between the Native Americans and the Mormons. A confrontation with an aggressive spirit leaves Zak with a large scratch on his back.


Episode 8 - Hell Hole Prison

The team arrives in Arizona to investigate the dark energy found at Yuma Territorial Prison. During the investigation, the crew interacts with ghostly band members and Zak has a close encounter with a long-dead prisoner.


Episode 9 - The Domes

The Ghost Adventures crew goes to the Arizona desert to investigate the Casa Grande Domes, an abandoned manufacturing plant that became a home for satanic rituals. During the investigation, Zak and the guys witness a menacing shadow figure.


Episode 10 - Nevada State Prison

Ghost Adventures heads to Carson City to investigate the Nevada State Prison. Once a nightmare for inmates and guards alike, the now-closed prison raises the bar to new, frightening levels for Zak and the crew.


Episode 11 - Return to Winchester House

Zak and Aaron return to San Jose, CA, to reopen their investigation of the Winchester Mystery House. The subsequent lockdown leads to a very active and memorable experience for the Ghost Adventures crew.


Episode 12 - Stardust Ranch

Ghost Adventures investigates extraterrestrial activity in Rainbow Valley, AZ. During the investigation, the forces that inhabit the Stardust Ranch prove they don't welcome the attention by Zak and his crew.


Episode 13 - The Haunted Museum

Ghost Adventures performs a very special investigation at Zak's Las Vegas museum. Packed with thousands of paranormal artifacts, the museum's powerful mix of energies create a unique and chilling lockdown experience for the crew.


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