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Episode 1 - Hotel Leger

The crew investigates one of the oldest operating hotels in California. A devastating fire and the town's violent history has left a dark presence in the historic building that threatens the safety of employees and guests.


Episode 2 - Enchanted Forest

The crew investigates strange phenomena at a beloved amusement park in Turner, OR. The discovery of a bloody battle on the grounds of the park leads Zak to believe a residual energy could be responsible for the manifestations.


Episode 3 - The Washoe Club: Final Chapter

Zak and the crew investigate the Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV, for the very last time. A highly personal communication brings the guys to tears, and they experience a chilling exchange with the spirits.


Episode 4 - Lewis Flats School

Zak and the crew land in Deming, NM, to investigate a mysterious school situated on land that is soaked with the spirits of the Apache and their violent struggle to keep it from the pioneers during the 1800s.


Episode 5 - Kay's Hollow

Zak and the crew head to Utah to investigate the remains of a large stone cross said to be a dark magnet for satanic rituals, extreme possession and even death.


Episode 6 - Astoria Underground

The crew begins their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific in Astoria, OR, where they explore the port city's infamous Shanghai tunnels and uncover a series of misfortunes connected the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


Episode 7 - Norblad Hostel

The crew continues their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific in Astoria, OR, where they encounter a very dangerous and very unholy presence in the basement of a historic hotel.


Episode 8 - Commander's House

The crew continues their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific at a former military installation near Astoria, OR, that's haunted by a tragic past and home to an aggressive entity.


Episode 9 - Cape Disappointment

The crew concludes their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific with a visit to Washington State, where they explore a lighthouse that bore witness to some of the most tragic shipwrecks on the Pacific Coast.


Episode 10 - Ghost Adventures Live

The Ghost Adventures crew faces unprecedented paranormal energy as they conduct a live investigation inside Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum. Expedition Unknown's Josh Gates guides viewers through the action as the night unfolds.


Episode 11 - Idaho State Reform School

The crew travels to St. Anthony, ID, to investigate a former school with a dark history of suicide and death. The guys capture paranormal activity that proves the children who lost their lives are still trapped on the grounds.


Episode 12 - Westerfeld House

The crew heads to San Francisco to investigate the historic Westerfeld House, which played host to satanic rituals performed by underground occultist filmmaker Kenneth Anger and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.


Episode 13 - Crisis in OakDale

The crew investigates a sinister energy darkening the home of a grieving family. During the emotionally charged lockdown, Billy and Aaron are mysteriously debilitated and Jay witnesses a door open by itself.


Episode 14 - Tintic Mining District

The crew heads to a former mining camp in Utah to investigate several haunted buildings. A special guest investigator joins the team for the terrifying lockdown in which an unprecedented piece of evidence horrifies everyone.


Episode 15 - Terror in Fontana

The crew travels to Fontana, CA, to investigate the suburban home of a family who claim they're being terrorized by a demon. During the intense lockdown, the guys are shocked by a satanic message sent through a child's toy.


Episode 16 - Riverside Plane Graveyard

The crew investigates the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, CA, where employees have heard voices, seen artifacts move and even felt spirits move through their bodies.


Episode 17 - McPike Mansion

The crew travels to Alton, IL, a town considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in America, to investigate a Victorian mansion with a rich history and reports of dangerous paranormal activity.


Episode 18 - Mineral Springs Hotel

The crews concludes their investigation of Alton, IL, at the Mineral Springs Hotel. The 1914 structure has been witness to multiple deaths, and Zak believes a demonic entity is keeping these lost souls trapped inside the building.


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