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Season 21 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Gates of Hell House

The crew are in Las Vegas, NV, to investigate intense paranormal activity at The Freakling Bros., an infamous haunted attraction where employees have reported brushes with a terrifying shadow figure and violent demonic entities.


Episode 2 - Palomino Club

The crew is in Las Vegas investigating the city's oldest gentlemen's club. Several tragic deaths have saturated the club with raw human emotion, creating a charged paranormal atmosphere and possibly fueling murderous behavior.


Episode 3 - Lutes Casino

The crew travels to Yuma, AZ, to investigate a series of mysterious attacks inside a former casino with a shady past. The intense lockdown reveals a childlike entity with a dark, sinister presence roaming the building.


Episode 4 - Melrose Hotel

Zak and the crew investigate a historic hotel plagued by dark spirits in Grand Junction, Colorado. The vicious entities seem to target only men and may have even been responsible for a brutal murder involving the hotel's previous owners.


Episode 5 - Binion's Hotel and Casino

The crew investigates two historic hotels inside a Las Vegas casino with a dark and violent history. The long-abandoned hotels, sealed off and left frozen in time, have created a paranormal pressure cooker just waiting to explode.


Episode 6 - The Woodbury

Zak and the crew investigate the aggressive spirits who roam a 130-year-old estate in Altadena, California, that's been used as a location for various films and TV shows.


Episode 7 - Crescent Hotel

The crew investigates a historic hotel plagued by restless spirits in Eureka Springs, AR. They capture a curtain moving on its own and make contact with Michael, the hotel's most active and notorious ghost.


Episode 8 - St. Ignatius Hospital

Zak and the crew stick together as they investigate a 127-year-old hospital in Colfax, WA. The building may be abandoned, but it's far from quiet with reports of visitors hearing strange growls and being attacked by unseen hands.


Episode 9 - Mount Wilson Ranch

Zak and the crew land outside of Pioche, NV, to investigate a mysterious ranch known for its concentration of supernatural energy and countless reports of extraterrestrial activity.


Episode 10 - Panic in Amarillo

Zak and the crew rush to a private home in Amarillo, Texas, where a family is reaching its breaking point with an aggressive entity. It's their most complex and challenging investigation yet as they search for the truth.


Episode 11 - Union Hotel

Zak and the crew travel to the Bay Area to investigate aggressive paranormal activity at a historic hotel that has endured the brutal California Gold Rush, a smallpox epidemic and a period as a seedy flophouse.


Episode 12 - Idaho Tuberculosis Hospital

Zak and the crew investigate a former tuberculosis hospital in Idaho that's been converted into an inn. The owners and their staff have been terrorized by whispering voices, ghostly children and the spirit of an angry old man.


Episode 13 - A Haunting in Scottsdale

Zak and the crew investigate an Arizona home sitting on land once occupied by a Native American tribe. The owner claims he's been affected by a dark, aggressive energy and believes an ancient entity is haunting his property.


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