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Season 25 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Great Saltair Curse

Zak and the crew are on the banks of Utah's Great Salt Lake to investigate a century-old music venue plagued by misfortune, disaster and even death. Evidence suggests the surrounding land is cursed, amplifying the hostile paranormal energy.


Episode 2 - Terror at the Toy Shop

Zak and the crew encounter some of the most incredible poltergeist activity ever at a haunted costume shop in Hollywood, California. Riddled with darkness and tragedy, the supernaturally charged building takes the guys on a ride they will never forget!


Episode 3 - Haunting in the Hills

Zak and the crew investigate the Hollywood Hills home of model and television personality Holly Madison. She is experiencing disturbing paranormal activity, including demonic growls, and suspects that whatever haunts the property is preying on her fear.


Episode 4 - Territorial Enterprise

Zak and the crew open a terrifying new chapter in Virginia City, Nevada, as they investigate two historic buildings pulsating with paranormal activity. Locals suspect the town's connection to a secret society may have opened a portal to the netherworld.


Episode 5 - Emergency in Elk Grove

The crew is called to Elk Grove, California, to help a grieving woman who believes she is being terrorized by a demon. The case takes an even more twisted turn when she reveals that the dark presence haunting her may be responsible for her father's death.


Episode 6 - Carbon County Chaos

When the small town of Helper, Utah, goes under siege by dark forces, the mayor calls on the Ghost Adventures crew for help. She suspects that recent renovations to two historic buildings may be behind the surge in paranormal activity.


Episode 7 - Montecito Mansion of Mystery

Zak senses a historic mansion with a tragic and mysterious past in Montecito, California, has called to him. When the crew attempts to re-create a seance in the home's majestic main hall, they capture some of their most compelling evidence to date.


Episode 8 - Mountain Oaks Mayhem

Zak and the crew gather in La Crescenta, California, to investigate an abandoned home that has been infected with evil. The dark forces that dwell there tore a family apart, and anyone who dares step inside the house is left fearing for their life.


Episode 9 - Pacific Grove Nightmare

Zak and the crew arrive in Pacific Grove, California, to investigate a doll shop overwhelmed by a dark energy. Shelves of dolls and puppets appear to offer up disturbing clues as the search for evidence leaves the team drained and disoriented.


Episode 10 - Whitmore Mansion

Zak and the crew investigate a Utah mansion soaked in tragedy and bloodshed. Unexplained paranormal activity has the new owner desperate for answers, and the team is concerned that a portal to hell has unleashed a negative entity into the home.


Episode 11 - Panic on Pine Street

Zak and the crew investigate poltergeist activity at a historic saloon in Paso Roble, California. The activity is so relentless that staff and guests don't feel safe on the premises. Zak suspects it may be the sole work of an entity called "The Old Hag."


Episode 12 - LA Police Station Invasion

The crew is called to the Los Angeles Police Museum to confront a dark presence that has invaded the once-thriving precinct. Zak believes the disturbing activity is linked to the macabre artifacts from some of LA's most notorious crimes.


Episode 13 - Petrified in Pahrump

The crew is called to a desolate Nevada town to investigate a winery allegedly built atop sacred burial grounds. Fatal accidents plague the property, and the terrified staff is stalked by an evil presence. Can Zak get to the bottom of the deadly curse?


Episode 14 - Steinbeck House Haunting

Zak and the crew travel to Salinas, California, to investigate the birthplace of iconic author John Steinbeck. For decades, witnesses, including Steinbeck himself, have felt a dark presence in the home. Could a portal be drawing spirits to the property?


Episode 15 - Henderson Hell House

Zak and the crew rush to help a Nevada family who claim paranormal activity sent one parent to the hospital, and fear their young daughter is next. The team works urgently to uncover the dark source of the psychological attacks hiding inside the home.


Episode 16 - Old Bullion Plaza School

Zak and the crew head to an Arizona mining town to investigate a former school where horrendous child abuse took place. The team captures some of their best evidence in years as they unlock the dark secrets that lay entombed in the walls of the building.


Episode 17 - Acadia Ranch Sanitorium

Zak and the crew go far off the beaten path in Arizona to investigate an abandoned sanatorium. Dozens of deaths have left a heavy residue of pain and suffering on the building, making it a hotbed for aggressive poltergeist activity.


Episode 18 - Nightmare at the Roxie

The crew goes to downtown Los Angeles to investigate the long-abandoned Roxie Theater. The site of a mysterious suicide, the once majestic movie house has been left to rot, making it the perfect refuge for lost souls -- and a dark, foreboding energy.


Episode 19 - Los Feliz Murder House Part 1

Sixty years after a gruesome murder-suicide in a Los Angeles mansion became urban lore, Zak and the crew gain entry. In the first-ever paranormal investigation of the long-shuttered residence, they uncover shocking dark secrets and a terrifying presence.


Episode 20 - Los Feliz Murder House Part 2

Zak and the GAC continue their confrontation with a dark presence that has overtaken the Los Feliz neighborhood's infamous hillside mansion. The investigation turns emotional when they conduct an ancient Sumerian ritual to open gates to the other side.


Episode 21 - Lost Souls of Kingman

Zak and the crew investigate an Arizona high school plagued by troubling paranormal experiences. Is the ghostly activity linked to an abandoned cemetery buried beneath the school? Or are the victims of a deadly explosion calling out from beyond the grave?


Episode 22 - Lovelock Triangle

Zak and the crew visit a mysterious Nevada town plagued by paranormal activity. Is a murdered witch's curse responsible for the haunting? Or is it linked to the dark energy vortex created by a cave that once concealed a grisly secret?


Episode 23 - Curse of Catalina Island

The Ghost Adventures crew sets sail for a Southern California island steeped in supernatural phenomena. And the epicenter of the paranormal activity is a sprawling theater that once housed the disinterred bones of the island's indigenous people.


Episode 24 - Vengeance in Oxnard

The crew sails into the coastal town of Oxnard, California, to help a couple tormented by unseen forces in their house. Zak makes a surprising connection as the team attempts to unmask the driving force behind the negative energy in the stately home.


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