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Episode 1 - Pennhurst State School

Pennhurst State, a school for the developmentally disabled, was forced to close its doors in 1987 after numerous allegations of abuse and neglect. It's believed the tormented souls of the students still linger there.


Episode 2 - Poveglia Island Special

Zak, Nick and Aaron are locked down on an island near Venice, Italy, said to be formed from the ashes of all the dead who were burned and buried there.


Episode 3 - Ohio Reformatory

In its 96-year history, more than 150,000 criminals were confined to the towering cell blocks of the Ohio State Reformatory. Today, the spirits prey on women, the elderly and the weak as they live out their eternal sentences.


Episode 4 - Remington Arms

The Remington Arms munitions factory in Bridgeport, CT, has been abandoned since 1986, but a dark history looms over the buildings. The crew's investigation features eyewitness accounts of spirits, shadow people and even sabotage.


Episode 5 - Linda Vista Hospital

Linda Vista Hospital was deluged with wounded gang members and innocent bystanders. Now Zak, Nick and Aaron endure some of their most chilling discoveries yet at this cauldron of sadness.


Episode 6 - Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Execution Rocks Lighthouse lies on a deserted reef of rocks in Long Island Sound. It has a history of hauntings, tortures, shipwrecks, and possibly the most heinous serial murderer in the history of man -- Carl Panzram.


Episode 7 - Prospect Place

The crew discovers slavery is still a stain on Prospect Place Mansion in Trinway, Ohio. It was hope for hundreds of slaves looking for freedom, but it was also the last stop for many.


Episode 8 - Clovis Wolfe Manor

Wolfe Manor has been called a black hole because so many people entered the building and never came out again. Now, Zak, Nick and Aaron are being locked down in the former sanitarium and convalescent home in Clovis, CA.


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