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Highway Thru Hell Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Red Truck Wreck

Red Truck Wreck


Episode 2 - Back For More

Back For More


Episode 3 - Legacy On the Line

A logging truck tangled down a steep bank brings the entire Mission Towing roster out to battle; a surprise storm launches James Luke into unusual territory; Team Green takes on a dozer sunk into a peat bog; a legendary tow family faces a crossroads.


Episode 4 - Legend On Scene

Jamie and Brandon respond to a semi sucked into a muddy ditch; a familiar face eyes a legendary tow company; Reliable's 50-ton wrecker takes on a tricky recovery with an unusual operator behind the wheel; an upside-down camper and star-studded vintage pickup test a newly-formed team.


Episode 5 - The Golden Ticket

The biggest storm of winter yet sees an accident involving highway crew; Scott Bird takes on his first mountain storm in years with a greenhorn riding shotgun; a big machine in a peat bog spurs a father-son fishing expedition; Jamie and Greg face a jackknifed semi blocking the highway in a deep chill.


Episode 6 - Bent Metal Dynasty

A crash brings Greg and Brian out for action; Team Aggressive wrangles a teetering truck; MSA takes on a major recovery affecting the busiest stretch of highway in B.C.; James Luke pounds whiteout pavement to get a duo of semis that are blocking the road cleared.


Episode 7 - Hard as a Rock

Jamie and his team battle a B-train that's taken a deep dive on punishing terrain; Al takes on a spun-out trucker to keep an army of plows moving; Al's son Cary steps up in a quarter-million-dollar house move.


Episode 8 - Black Ice Mayhem

Greg responds to a crash after black ice forms on the Coq; heavy winter rains launch MSA into an epic fight with a big machine in a mudpit; an accident hits close to home for Brandon; Scott mentors the next generation on a defiant wreck.


Episode 9 - Redline Warriors

Gord is called on to rescue an unpredictable trucker; Big John and Jamie’s Golden operator Rick Wood face the wreck of a lifetime; a stolen pickup dumped far up a snowy logging road reunites Dylan with his former boss and pushes Reliable’s military rotator to its limits.


Episode 10 - Holly Jolly Chaos

Scott is dealt polar opposites in a surprise storm; Big John takes on a tractor buried in big timber; highway crews detonate an explosive solution to avalanche risk; Merv gets a mangled holiday surprise; James Luke takes the next generation on a tow; an old friend brings a special gift for Jamie.


Episode 11 - High and Low

Dylan and Brandon attempt to recover a tippy sem; James Luke and Cary battle to save a unique machine, as MSA Towing navigates unusual conditions; Jamie’s classic iron is pushed to its limits with a wreck that doesn’t add up.


Episode 12 - Heavy Liftoff

Al recruits reinforcements to get truckers moving; Dylan faces a heavy breakdown on a remote job; Merv pilots a warplane through a city, while Brian and Greg grapple with a mysterious load.


Episode 13 - Double Down

A double-rotator recovery has the Aggressive team on the edge; a crash near the border tests Kirpal and his sons; Dylan takes Reliable’s offroad warrior out for its first blacktop battle; Rooster is on the front lines of recovery and fatherhood.


Episode 14 - Long Lines

Jamie and Greg fight an uphill battle against a flipped excavator; Big John is challenged by adefiant semi; Dylan and Scott test their teamwork on a technical recovery.


Episode 15 - The Toll

The men of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue fight to keep open some of the most economically important and most travelled trucking routes in North America.


Episode 16 - Fly Or Fall

Team Reliable is in the thick of foggy chaos; Ken turns an off road recovery into a joyride; Greg takes charge on his biggest recovery without the boss; Gord hustles to open the Coq's steepest stretch; Prized iron gets a new look.


Episode 17 - Hell In the Canyon

Jamie and his brother team up for the most stunning wreck of the season; Al hauls a unique piece of equipment on a treacherous backroad; Brandon and highway crews face a difficult night on the Coq; Jamie adds a wrecker like no other to his fleet.


Episode 18 - Heavy Rescue Decade

The men of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue fight to keep open some of the most economically important and most travelled trucking routes in North America.


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