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Episode 1 - Hell and High Water

Jamie's new operator hits a Coquihalla mudslide, while highway crews are in a life or death race to evacuate motorists and save vital infrastructure; Team Reliable braves floodwaters to rescue stranded residents; Jamie’s hometown is cut off by wiped-out roads.


Episode 2 - No Thru Road

With all surrounding highways closed after unprecedented flooding, drivers and residents are trapped in Hope as a raging creek threatens Jamie’s shop and family home; Dylan tries to rescue residents trapped in a home surrounded on all sides by a river gone wild.


Episode 3 - Wreck and Rebuild

Jamie’s brother Jason fears for his home after being evacuated by air; Reliable clears vehicles in a slide zone to help reopen the first highway out of Hope; the Coquihalla rebuild begins in a race against winter.


Episode 4 - Recover Stronger

James Luke and over 20 tow trucks must recover 200 cars in a mudslide zone in mere hours; a second atmospheric river threatens the Fraser Valley, as the military is brought in to help engineer solutions.


Episode 5 - A Fighting Chance

Cary Quiring is tasked with keeping crucial goods flowing; a wreck that brings three heavies out tests Jamie’s new LA Rotator; Aggressive Towing tackles a sideways transport crucial to a flooded community.


Episode 6 - Ripper Hill

James Luke and the Reliable team contend with two detoured wrecks on the same punishing corner of a narrow route; MSA’s Kirpal and sons must stretch a long line to reach a machine stuck on a farm.


Episode 7 - Let It Snow

Al and Merv team up for a snowy tug of war; with the Canyon Highway closed, Jamie battles a fuel tanker to keep trains moving; a blockage on the only route through the Cascade Mountains forces MSA into a bold move.


Episode 8 - Deep Freeze

Bone-chilling temperatures challenge the teams to pull off recoveries in punishing conditions; Dylan pushes Reliable's military rotator in a new way; media gets a sneak peek at an extraordinary repair effort on Coquihalla, closed after floods.


Episode 9 - On the Road Again

Aggressive Towing copes with a slick situation in the Valley while Reliable’s new Highway 3 base battles a snowstorm; Jamie, Al and Kurtis hit the Coquihalla on an emotional day.


Episode 10 - Wreck Attack

A flash freeze launches Team Green into action; Dylan heads a two-wrecker recovery of a toppled lumber truck; Jason tackles a two-piece gravel wreck; a snowy recovery deals Jamie an unexpected snag; Reliable’s Ty and Chris search for a wreck deep in the Fraser River.


Episode 11 - Get ‘Er Done

Aggressive Towing mobilizes both rotators to help MSA on back-to-back recoveries; two young Reliable Mission up-and-comers are hours from civilization when a backroad recovery goes into night; Greg is helped by Jamie on a jackknife in punishing winter conditions.


Episode 12 - Shot At Redemption

Jamie and the next generation take on an airbag wreck similar to a challenging one from the past; Dylan must rely on roadside ingenuity against a sideways semi; Al and Gord deal with four wheelers on the Coq; avalanche control comes to the mountain pass.


Episode 13 - Far and Wide

Jamie and his LA Rotator attack a b-train alone; Cary Quiring is under pressure to contain a hazardous problem and clear the highway; MSA discovers a repeat customer in a tough quagmire.


Episode 14 - Step Up

A fiery multi-vehicle crash is attacked by Dylan and new recruit Steph; Aggressive Towing takes on a two-rotator suburban showdown under live power lines; Jamie throws the next generation in the fire in the remote backcountry.


Episode 15 - Double Carnage

Jamie and Rick tackle a massive double recovery; heavy fog tests Reliable's newest hire; Big John trains a familiar face to operate a heavy on an unusual jackknife; John and his daughter take on a wreck with a twist.


Episode 16 - Triple Play

Al and highway crews face multi-vehicle chaos; Aggressive’s Jason and Merv team up with MSA’s Kirpal and sons for a triple wrecker recovery; Ty, Andy and a heavy recovery hopeful take on a mudslide wreck; Dylan, Rooster and Andy get pushed to their limits by a heavy transport frozen in.


Episode 17 - Know When To Hold 'Em

Jamie helps the victim of a crash; Dylan and team Reliable return for another swing at a heavy transport frozen in; Merv helps out Reliable’s Ty for the final battle in a mudslide; Big John has a high-stakes unload and a semi stuck in the forest. Jamie shows his daughter the ropes on a backroad tow.


Episode 18 - Rise Up

Aggressive and Quiring unite forces to take on a snowy recovery that threatens to fall apart; Reliable’s Ty and Andy fight swamped-in heavy equipment; Jamie and his crew take on a gigantic haul; Kurtis Brown looks back on a season like no other.


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