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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Dead Man's Curve

The season's first snowstorm paralyzes the Coquihalla Summit, launching Al Quiring and Gord Boyd into battle; Jamie Davis and a new operator from Ireland tackle a torn-up semi on a dangerous corner.


Episode 2 - Winch Wizard

A rolled logging truck launches Jamie Davis and his heavy wreckers to a remote crash site in British Columbia; Reliable Towing's James Luke scrambles to disconnect a flaming tractor from it's trailer and is assisted by a surprising new hire.


Episode 3 - Jailhouse Wreck

Ken Duperon is on his first job since his heart attack; a familiar face switches teams and leads Reliable Towing on a major recovery.


Episode 4 - Burning Treasure

A raging truck fire tests Dylan and Team Reliable; a valuable surprise in the ashes; Jamie's rookie operator and veteran mechanic pair up to rescue a broken down semi.


Episode 5 - Frozen Stiff

An extreme arctic blast descends on Hope, BC delivering brutal cold and a bone-chilling battle for Jamie and his brother Jason; Al’s son Cary is unexpectedly called in to cover for his father on the Coq Summit for the first time.


Episode 6 - Tanked

A tanker crash in BC’s Fraser Canyon lands rookie operator Greg Mulligan in the middle of an epic recovery; faced with 47-thousand litres of diesel and a mass of twisted metal, Greg’s luck turns when Merv and Aggressive Towing’s 50-ton rotator arrive.


Episode 7 - Jackknife Mountain

Gord Boyd races to clear a jackknifed semi as snow plows battle to keep The Coq moving; a loaded 18-wheeler on the edge of a cliff tests Reliable Towing's Cam and Chace; a lost trucker needs help backing down a dark road.


Episode 8 - Cold Comfort

A recovery on The Coq turns into a roadside emergency for Team Reliable; Jamie and new operator Greg Mulligan get more than they bargained for when a semi plows into a snowbank.


Episode 9 - Blown Away

High winds in BC's Fraser Valley flip a trailer on a bridge and blow away Ken and the Mission crew; Reliable Towing's James Luke and Mitch Karr battle 70-km/h wind gusts to recover a wreck loaded with lumber.


Episode 10 - Hats And Jalapenos

Two transport trucks make contact, ripping open their trailers and shutting down the main highway outside Golden BC; the crash launches Jamie Davis and his classic wrecker The General from his new winter base.


Episode 11 - Washout

Torrential rain and a raging river threaten Jamie’s operation in Hope, BC; Al Quiring goes "fishing" for logs to save a community from flooding; a jackknifed semi hauling bottles of water tests Rick and Brandon.


Episode 12 - Blood, Sweat And Tears

Jamie gets a painful reminder of the hazards of being hands on while working on Mighty Mo; two simultaneous wrecks on the same stretch of The Coq double the pressure on Team Reliable.


Episode 13 - Edge Of Disaster

A back road job drifts towards disaster when James Luke’s 30-ton wrecker Black Sheep starts sliding backwards; a tree through a trucker’s windshield launches Brian up The Coq; Jamie’s tow buddy Big John tackles a head-on crash near Revelstoke, BC.


Episode 14 - Up In Smoke

Black smoke billowing above the Fraser Valley sends fire crews and Ken Duperon racing to the Mission Towing yard; a cracked trailer in deep snow becomes a delicate recovery for Rick and Brandon.


Episode 15 - Weather The Storm

Jamie Davis and the cast look back at some of their biggest battles with Mother Nature; Al, Merv, Colin, James and Ken Duperon discuss how each extreme weather condition has impacted recoveries; plus, a tribute to one of Jamie’s original crewmembers.


Episode 16 - Close Calls

Cam narrowly escapes a deadly crash when his 50-ton wrecker is struck from behind; Jamie and Greg climb into the backcountry to rescue an articulating rock truck clinging to a mountain slope.


Episode 17 - The Bait

Jamie attempts to lure back former lead operator Colin McLean by ordering his dream truck; Team Reliable tackles a smashed semi with a super-sized load of French fries; A blown tire launches a dump truck into the ditch and two teams into action.


Episode 18 - Reunited

Just in time for one of Jamie's most challenging recoveries this season, a familiar face shows up at the yard and is recruited to help save a loaded car carrier; Al and Gord travel north to an epic job near a gold mining town.


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