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Highway Thru Hell Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cliff Hanger

SEASON PREMIERE. Winter strikes hard and fast as Jamie Davis and his heavy rescue crew face tough new challenges in Hope, BC; a former operator returns but a spectacular wreck pushes him to the edge on his first mountain recovery.


Episode 2 - Unfinished Business

Jamie helps Colin recover a massive wreck near the "Rock Cut"; Brandon confronts his fears on the big job; Al Quiring tackles an overturned truck loaded with lava rock.


Episode 3 - Gate Crasher

A troublesome winch line forces Jamie and cousin Paris to find a quick fix; Jordie, faces a twisted wreck that crashed through an airport fence; Al tries to save a logging truck from a rising river.


Episode 4 - Slippery Slope

A crash in the Fraser Canyon has Colin and crew working below an unstable rock slope; Jamie charts a new course for his business, setting out on a 20,000-kilometre journey; a heavy rescue "legend" helps Dylan on an ice recovery.


Episode 5 - Perfect Storm

A winter storm unleashes chaos on all highways around Hope, B.C., forcing Jamie's team into an all-night battle. Jason and Merv tangle with a fully loaded tractor-trailer in a snowy ditch. And a heavy rescue "birthday boy" finally gets his present.


Episode 6 - Python Unleashed

Jamie's newest classic wrecker, "The Python", is put to the test on a tractor-trailer embedded in a row of trees; Ken and Dylan are called up an icy mountain road to recover a flipped logging truck.


Episode 7 - Hell Of A Ride

A truck driver survives a crash on The Coq during a snowstorm; hampered by heavy snow, rocks and extreme cold, Colin and Kelly finish the tough recovery and meet a tight deadline.


Episode 8 - Reading The Road

An oversized load tests Jamie and his rebuilt wrecker HR-126; a gravel hauler ricochets off a rock wall leaving a twisted mess for Kelly and John; swamper Gord Lundin gets a chance to operate his own tow truck.


Episode 9 - Snowbound

Jamie and his fleet of heavy wreckers are paralyzed in his own yard by a massive snowfall; a "tow-up" in deep powder turns into big trouble for Colin; Al and Gord rescue a teetering semi during the morning rush on Hwy 1.


Episode 10 - Junior's Job

Jamie's 13-year-old son gets a lesson in wreck recovery after a semi crashes down a 150-foot embankment; rock slides north of Hope trigger road closures and an explosive clean-up; Dylan puts on his hip waders to fish a truck out of a lake.


Episode 11 - Bumpy Ride

Jamie takes The Python off road for the first time; Jamie's brother Kelly battles high winds and a power pole to save a semi loaded with pipes; Gord Boyd picks up a new heavy wrecker for Quiring Towing.


Episode 12 - Trapped

A missing truck driver trapped inside a wreck for two days draws Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue and first responders into one of the most difficult and emotional recoveries in years.


Episode 13 - No Man's Land

One of the worst winter storms in years forces officials to shut down The Coq; working through blinding snow, freezing rain and even an avalanche threat, heavy rescue crews help truckers and drivers out of the "closure zone".


Episode 14 - Hooked

SEASON FINALE. Jamie Davis travels across North America to explore the roots of heavy rescue, from the first tow truck, to the latest modern machines; his classic restoration, the "Mighty Mo", finally comes to life.


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