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Highway Thru Hell Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Welcome to Winter

Winter is back in full force on the Coquihalla Highway and Jamie Davis has bulked up with his biggest heavy rescue crew ever.


Episode 3 - Deadlift

Jamie is called out to help when a passenger is trapped in a car underneath a moving semi-truck during a driving rainstorm; a full Sea-Can container fresh off a ship flips over, blocking Highway 3 and heavy rescue must get it back on its wheels.


Episode 5 - The Comeback Kid

Jamie brings back veteran driver Scott by promising him a new state-of-the-art heavy wrecker; the new truck is months behind schedule so Scott settles for a worn-out vintage truck; a gruelling schedule pushes Adam to his breaking point and he goes AWOL.


Episode 7 - Two Guys, Two Trucks

Tensions between Jamie and Adam boil over as they struggle to flip a B-train on a narrow icy road; a two-car collision closes the snow shed and puts Ken's towing know-how to the test; a truckload of Christmas mail nearly goes off a cliff.


Episode 9 - Sometimes the Patient Dies

A trailer filled with pharmaceuticals gets imbedded in a block of ice; a truckload of frozen chickens crashes into a tangle of trees; 65-year-old Bruce begins to show signs that he may be over the hill; Rob's promotion to lead flagger is short-lived.


Episode 10 - Still Got It

A local competitor challenges Jamie's status on the hill; a trailer full of cat food bursts into flames, and Scott and Gord have to battle for two days to get the burning heap off the Smasher; Bruce gets into a fight that lands him in the hospital.


Episode 11 - Crazy Horse

The biggest storm of the seasion is about to hit the Coq, just as Jamie discovers that his licence has expired; his day gets even worse when someone smashes the Rotator; when Jamie then gets a call for a dream job, it turns into the most challenging.


Episode 12 - Suck It Up Princess

A semi hits a barrier so hard that it tears off the trailer's rear axle, blocking the Coq's most important exit; Scott tells Jamie he's fed up with the vintage truck he's been driving, and a mysterious new driver shows up in the yard to start work.


Episode 13 - Over the Edge

Heavy rescue recovers a severely damaged trailer loaded with millions of plastic beads; spring rains cause rock slides on Highway 1; when a B-train loaded with lumber drives off a cliff in order to avoid a boulder, Jamie's called in to recover it.


Episode 14 - A Man of My Word

Jamie and crew wrestle to recover a trailer loaded with apples off a dangerous bridge; a multi-vehicle wreck turns deadly for a Good Samaritan; Scott returns after two weeks of forced vacation, hoping to finally get his new heavy rescue truck.


Episode 15 - Cut in Half

Adam and Jamie use some fancy rigging to try to save a wreck on Highway 1 threatening to spill its load over the road; when a new competitor rolls onto the mountain and cuts the work in half, Jamie realizes he can't afford to keep his fleet on the Coq.


Episode 16 - Closure Is Not an Option

Jamie faces a life-and-death decision: shut down or leave the Coq for the oil rush boomtown of Fort McMurray and some steady cash; determined that closure is not an option, the crew heads north in search of a new highway thru hell.


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