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Episode 1 - Winter Strikes

On B.C.'s Coquihalla Highway, an early snowfall catches truckers off guard and puts Jamie Davis face to face with a heavy fuel tanker; sparks fly when James Luke and The Black Sheep try to rescue a semi in deep snow.


Episode 2 - Battle in the Gravel

Jamie tests the limits of his classic wrecker against a rock crusher in a gravel pit; Mitch and James scramble to save a truck and camper on an icy cliff; Colin finally gets a crack at Mighty Mo's push bumper.


Episode 3 - Chain Saw

When a dump truck and trailer crash into dense bush, Al Quiring and Sons become heavy rescue lumberjacks; with the help of Gord Boyd, Team Green overcame environmental obstacles and a twisted wreck trapped in the trees.


Episode 4 - Oil And Water

In Hope, Jamie, Colin and Cam battle heavy rains to recover a rolled semi blocking the highway through town; with traffic to The Coq cut off and a trailer full of cooking oil starting to rip, Jamie's crew must get the road open.


Episode 5 - Return to Sender

Near Merritt, a parcel delivery truck is torn open, scattering hundreds of packages across The Coq; facing high winds, high speed traffic and the threat of falling rocks, Reliable Towing overcomes numerous obstacles to clear the wreck.


Episode 6 - Thin Ice

A cliffside recovery on the banks of Coldwater River puts James and Adam on thin ice; Colin makes a roadside repair in the middle of a winter storm; Al and Gord race to move a house off a busy highway.


Episode 7 - Heavy Hearts

Merv is dispatched in Aggressive Towing's 50-ton rotator to open the road after a collision in Fraser Valley; Jamie takes a classic wrecker on a 2,000-kilometre journey north; news about a key member of the Mission Towing family hits home.


Episode 8 - Road To Recovery

A tractor trailer clinging to the edge of a mountain has Mitch, Merv and James pulling together to save the load; after years of relying on older equipment, Jamie Davis brings home a surprise for the team.


Episode 9 - Door To Door

James Luke and "Black Sheep" rush to clear a tractor trailer on its side loaded with heavy doors. An 18-wheeler filled with firewood tests Cam and Colin. And Gord and Al must perform a delicate manoeuvre to move a shipping container full of garbage off the Trans Canada Highway.


Episode 10 - Sub Zero

A polar vortex brings extreme cold and brutal working conditions to truck drivers and heavy wrecker operators on The Coq; Colin fights to recover a frozen rig; Cam finds himself in a dilemma with one of Jamie's classic wreckers.


Episode 11 - Lives On The Line

A terrifying crash involving one of their own shocks Team Reliable; Dylan and Merv pair up to lift a heavy load of steel pilings off a highway; Cam races to rescue a fellow tow operator stuck on a blind corner.


Episode 12 - Double Crossed

Mitch discovers a massive wreck involving two semis; Reliable and Aggressive Towing join forces to recover a pair of entangled 18-wheelers; a tippy trailer abandoned on a soft shoulder tests Jamie; Gord finds himself in deep in a peat bog.


Episode 13 - Off Road

Jamie and his tow brothers discuss some of their toughest backroad adventures on HIGHWAY THRU HELL; Al, Ken, Jason and Mitch swap tales and share advice on some of their most spectacular off-road recoveries.


Episode 14 - Rock and a Hard Place

Brandon and Cam team up to rescue a lumber truck tangled in a rock face on Highway 3; Al digs out a buried semi on a notorious corner on The Coq; a tractor fire puts James in the hot seat.


Episode 15 - Fried Chicken

Near Hope, B.C., a burning truck hauling frozen chicken has Cam and Jamie in a race to move the smoky hazard off the highway; a flipped logging truck near Merritt turns into a tussle for Mitch and James.


Episode 16 - The Warrior

A lost load of lumber pulls Jamie and Colin Mclean into a battle on the banks of B.C.'s Skagit River; Al takes a chance with "Big Green" to rescue a sinking excavator; James and Rooster wrestle a twisted wreck near Merritt.


Episode 17 - Fire Mountain

After surviving a near-fatal heart attack, Ken leads the Mission crew on its most daunting recovery in years; lodged in the trees, 200 feet below a mountain road, the damaged dump truck pushes Ken's team to the edge of disaster.


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