Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Wolf Pack Returns

A happy homecoming for the Brown family means hard work is needed to get Browntown back on track. Time away came at a cost and prospects are lean without a working skiff. A highly risky haul with an all-or-nothing offer may be the only solution.


Episode 2 - Driving Miss Rainy

While youngest Brown brother Noah stays behind to continue repairs to Browntown, the other eight members of the Wolfpack take on their riskiest haul ever in hopes of securing the skiff they desperately need. Failure will have far-reaching consequences.


Episode 3 - Winter Watch

Patriarch Billy sees an opportunity to tie up loose ends, fortify his connection with the bush and keep the Wolfpack close with a family visit to Excursion Inlet. Along the way, a failing anchor changes everything.


Episode 4 - Growing the Wolfpack

The family of nine takes advantage of an early spring to make progress on unfinished business. But a visitor from Billy’s distant past brings the potential to undermine the future of Browntown and what means to be a member of the Wolfpack.


Episode 5 - High Tide Housing

An unexpected visit from the mayor of the nearby island of Hoonah may forever change the face of Browntown. And the family must rally around strong man Gabe when the opportunity to realize a life-long dream comes with serious risks.


Episode 6 - Shots in the Dark

The Wolfpack is on high alert after mysterious shots are fired, causing property damage on the shores of Browntown. The strength of the family is tested as the Browns struggle to finish a salvage job shorthanded.


Episode 7 - Judgement Day

The Browns are busy making the most of the beginning of spring by hunting and building improvements to Browntown. But in just 72 hours, the family will be forced to leave the bush for an unknown fate in the Alaskan city of Juneau.


Episode 8 - Released to the Wild

After 30 long days in Juneau, the Brown family reunites and plans a trip to rediscover their love of the bush. But an issue plaguing one of the children puts the sanctity of the Wolfpack in jeopardy.


Episode 9 - Back in Browntown

In anticipation of reuniting with one member, the family finally returns to Browntown to reclaim the bush. But as spring brings life to the forest, the Browns struggle with the principles that make them a Wolfpack.


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