Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Faith and Family

The Browns struggle through a devastating transition while Ami undergoes testing due to recent health concerns. Meanwhile, Noah braves the dangers of the wilderness to defend the homestead.


Episode 2 - The Long Road

A major diagnosis shakes the Brown family, and forces them toward a decision that could reshape their lifelong journey. While medical analysis continues for Ami in the lower 48, Matt attempts to get back to normal as he reunites with Noah.


Episode 3 - Strength in Numbers

As the Brown family navigates the possibility of leaving their lifelong dream behind, they draw strength and inspiration from the lessons they learned in creating their Browntown homestead.


Episode 4 - Unanchored

As the Browns await Ami's treatment options, the family is able to endure through hardships in every environment. Adrift on the shores of the Alaskan wilderness, the wolfpack rediscovers their need for adventure.


Episode 5 - Weight of the Wolfpack

As Ami awaits treatment, the kids prepare to pack up Browntown with Matt. However, an accidental explosion leaves Matt injured, leaving the rest of the wolfpack to begin the work short-handed.


Episode 6 - Bush Code

The Brown children face a critical decision as they part ways with the family's Alaskan homestead. While Ami braces for her upcoming cancer treatments in California, the Wolf Pack finds new ways to keep spirits high.


Episode 7 - A New Chapter

As Ami prepares to undergo treatment for lung cancer, Bear, Bird and Rain work to give the family's homestead back to the bush. The entire wolfpack looks to the future and finds strength in the hope for a new place to call Browntown.


Episode 8 - Blazing a New Trail

As the family leaves Browntown, they adapt and look toward a new beginning with the skills and knowledge they've gained over 35 years in the Alaskan wilderness.


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