Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - This Land Is Our Land

The Browns reveal how they struggled and persevered during their first spring in the mountains through never-before-seen footage and exclusive insight.


Episode 2 - Bull By the Horns

The Wolfpack's quest for complete freedom takes a big step forward with livestock, including a risky 2,000-pound longhorn bull. Later, Noah and his new wife Rhain Alisha arrive and start making their new life on the mountain with a major announcement.


Episode 3 - The Buffalo Trail

The Wolfpack seizes an opportunity to stockpile meat with their first-ever buffalo hunt. Brothers Noah and Bam are left to build a mine-cooled meat locker and keep the ranch running in anticipation of the family's return.


Episode 4 - Beware the Bear-Crow

As bold new predators encroach increasingly closer to the family's ranch, the Browns devise inventive solutions to defend their livestock. Meanwhile, Gabe's long-distance girlfriend makes her first, long-anticipated visit to the mountain.


Episode 5 - Mountain Emergency

A medical emergency on the Wolfpack's ranch forces the family to become more resourceful as they continue to build their dream on the mountain. Meanwhile, Gabe's hasty leap toward marriage has the family concerned.


Episode 6 - Winter Is Here

As the first snow falls, the Brown family makes a risky attempt to move their temporary shelters closer to the barn in hopes of bringing father Billy back home. Later, Noah uses his ingenuity to prepare he and Rhain Alisha for her first winter.


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