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Barnwood Builders Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Dairy Barn Danger

In Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, the Barnwood Builders save one of the biggest barns they have ever seen. Mark explores an extraordinary early 19th century bank barn made of stone and finds an old pioneer springhouse and root cellar.


Episode 2 - Barnwood 4-H Camp

The crew visits the oldest statewide 4-H Camp in the country and teach a team of teenagers how to build a log cabin. Mark and Sherman compete as archery coaches and Johnny learns the pioneer craft of paper marbling.


Episode 3 - Biggest Barn Ever

In Texas, the Barnwood Builders raise the largest timberframe they have ever built by combining wood and steel. Along the way, they battle hundred degree temperatures, and Mark explores a renovated inn with the Junk Gypsies.


Episode 4 - The Apprentices

In North Carolina, three young interns working alongside the Barnwood Builders save an extremely remote cabin in the hills. Back on the Boneyard in West Virginia, the young men are put to the test during the restoration.


Episode 5 - Two Businesses

While Mark Bowe is on the road looking for crafts to sell in his other store, Sherman leads the crew building a log cabin kitchen near Alexandria. Then, things get wild as Mark carves a 10,000-year old mammoth tusk for Sherman.


Episode 6 - Piece En Piece

The Barnwood Builders go back to school when Mark Bowe buys a cabin with an unusual design called Piece en Piece. There is one surprise after another and even an ingenious Sherman Thompson invention.


Episode 7 - Sweet Home Louisiana

The guys transform a timber frame barn into a modern home for an architect in Louisiana. As they build, they explore the rich architectural history of the Bayou State then visit a cabin Mark repaired years ago.


Episode 8 - Barnwood Backyard

The crew takes the week off to build furniture, cut trees and plant gardens in their own backyards in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Also, Mark Bowe visits the finished Catskill Cabin in Shawangunk, New York.


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