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Barnwood Builders Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Larry Melton's Chance of a Lifetime

After once saving Larry Melton's childhood home, The Barnwood Builders do something they've never done before and invite him to the Boneyard to help restore his family home.


Episode 2 - Big Ol' Buckeye Cabin

Mark and the crew discover history, craftsmanship and a lot of cherished memories as they dismantle a log home in New Springfield, OH.


Episode 3 - Log Castle in Cave Spring, GA

Mark Bowe and the crew turn one of the biggest barns they've ever saved into an even bigger home. They work through sweltering heat to transform the Ohio double-pen barn into a huge log home in Cave Spring, Georgia.


Episode 4 - A Barnwood Miracle

Mark and the guys take down the struggling Mt. Olivet Church in the heart of Pocahontas County, WV. As the job comes to a close, the community comes in to pull off a surprise ending.


Episode 5 - A Gift for Graham

The team builds a log potting shed for one of their own on his West Virginia homestead. They outfit the building with reclaimed materials from roof to porch, and Graham discovers the challenges of being a client.


Episode 6 - Cabin at a Crossroads

Mark finds a cabin from a unique moment in history when pioneers started using new technology -- the sawmill. The crew also discovers their showroom manager has a surprising personal connection to the home.


Episode 7 - Thin-Skinned

Mark and the crew use antique log veneers to give a modern home an authentic log cabin look.


Episode 8 - Part of the Family

The guys head to Bronston, Kentucky, to check out a 150-year-old, double-pen farmhouse built by their client's great-grandfather. She hopes to preserve her pioneer heritage, so the crew takes care to save every log possible.


Episode 9 - Fancy Cabin Takedown in Minor Hill

Mark Bowe and his crew work through layers of architectural history in a pioneer home in Minor Hill, TN, and they hear stories from family members who lived in the cabin. Mark also visits a beautifully restored log home.


Episode 10 - Stubborn As a Mule

The Barnwood Builders save a barn that once housed mules in the iron-mining boomtown of Low Moor, VA. As they work, they find evidence of the barn's industrial past.


Episode 11 - Boneyard Punch List

Mark checks out the most incredible hand-hewn timber-frame barn he's ever seen and visits a beautifully restored historic home owned by Super Bowl champ, Jeff Hostetler.


Episode 12 - Pieces of the Past

The guys salvage logs from a double-pen barn in Pennsylvania that will be reused to build a guesthouse in upstate NY. Mark and Graham visit a luxury ranch in Montana and discover some creative new ways to use reclaimed old wood.


Episode 13 - Hometown Heroes

Mark and the guys sit down to talk about a few of their favorite things: cabins and barns. They bring in special guests, reveal never-before-seen footage and share hilarious outtakes.


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