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Barnwood Builders Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Peeling Layers Off a Covered Log Home in Virginia

Mark Bowe and the guys travel to Abingdon, Virginia, to take down a farmhouse that Mark bought sight unseen. The house is a 200-year-old log cabin, and as they strip away each layer, the news gets better.


Episode 2 - Turning a Ramshackle Cabin into a Guest House in Missouri

The crew travels to the Show Me State -- Missouri -- to take down and rebuild a historic 170-year-old cabin, converting it into a guesthouse. Meanwhile, Mark drums up business west of the Mississippi.


Episode 3 - Raising a Massive Timber Frame Barn in Downtown Lewisburg

Mark Bowe and the guys work in downtown Lewisburg, West Virginia, to raise a massive timber frame as the new shelter for the Lewisburg farmers market, but the 200-year-old logs prove to be a challenge.


Episode 4 - Building a Log Chapel with a Stained Glass Window

Mark Bowe and the guys head to Johnny Jett's hometown in Kentucky to build a log chapel. First they reclaim a stained-glass window from a deteriorating 100-year-old church. Then they build the chapel and install the window.


Episode 5 - Saving Every Board from a Kincheloe Cattle Barn

Mark Bowe and the guys travel to Jane Lew, West Virginia, to salvage the wood from a 120-year-old cattle barn that is slated for demolition. The site is so wet they have to build their own road just to get to the barn.


Episode 6 - Salvaging Pristine Hand-Hewn Logs From a West Virginia Cabin

Mark Bowe and the guys travel to the heart of West Virginia to salvage incredibly rare 170-year-old logs from a perfectly preserved log home. The pressure is on to keep these logs pristine as they take them down.


Episode 7 - Building a New Log Home for the Boy Scouts

Mark Bowe and his crew volunteer to help a Boy Scout troop build a cabin out of their old lodge. The guys have a lot to teach the boys about pioneer life, and the scouts' determination gives the guys hope for the future.


Episode 8 - Taking Down a Huge, New England-Style Barn

Mark Bowe and the guys make a rare trip north to dismantle an enormous 200-year-old barn. This New England-style barn is so big it takes extra hands to get the wood down and a crane to lift out the valuable beams.


Episode 9 - The Brown Family Heirloom

Mark Bowe and the guys restore an 1856 log cabin using wood from the original cabin, an old barn and a local saw mill. They team up with a local crew, The Good Ole Boys, to turn all this wood into one complete cabin.


Episode 10 - Turning a Tobacco Farm Cabin into a Tasting Room

Mark Bowe and the guys save a log cabin from an old Virginia tobacco farm to turn it into a tasting room for a local distillery. The client works alongside Mark so he can pass his skills along to others.


Episode 11 - Moving the Last Cabin in Roanoke to a Local Resort

Mark Bowe and the guys go beyond the call of duty to save the last cabin from the old town of Roanoke, West Virginia. They relocate it to a local resort, and the community comes out to celebrate the new cabin.


Episode 12 - Grandma's Cabin

Mark Bowe and the crew save logs from a fire-damaged home in West Virginia. Mark promises the family that he will honor their history by calling the property "Grandma's Cabin."


Episode 13 - Blue Ridge Mountain Home

Mark Bowe and the guys get to work on a huge log home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. To make the unique design work, they even create a new kind of notch and work with a team of local craftsmen.


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