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Barnwood Builders Season 15 Episodes

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Season 15 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Home Turf Takedown

The Barnwood Builders work close to home and take down a double-pen barn in Alderson, WV. Taking advantage of his home turf, Mark introduces Ryan to a friend and local sculptor who uses scrap metal to make wild and wonderful pieces of art.


Episode 2 - Lakeside Log Cabin

In Langston, AL, the team stacks a double-pen cabin on the shores of Lake Guntersville. Then, they work with their favorite designer, Karen Tillery, to transform a 1970s ranch house, but working next to a lake creates obstacles for the boom truck.


Episode 3 - If it Fits, It's Finnish

Mark and the crew are called to Pennsylvania to salvage their first-ever cabin built by settlers from Finland. While they're excited to learn a new style of construction, Mark must figure out how to unstack the unorthodox cabin without damaging the logs.


Episode 4 - Home is Where the Timber-Frame Heart Is

The Barnwood Builders must think on the fly and use a little ingenuity to convert their largest timber-frame barn ever in their hometown of Lewisburg, WV. Once completed, the massive structure will serve as a grand wedding venue.


Episode 5 - American Fortitude

With the help of a local historian and a Revolutionary War expert, the team saves a legendary fort dating back to 1775 in Lake Lure, NC. Later, Mark and Graham visit the Oconaluftee Cherokee Village where craftsmen keep the story of their ancestors alive.


Episode 6 - Preserving a Local Legend

A museum in Townsend, TN, enlists the Barnwood Builders to restore a 19th-century gunsmith's cabin to be the centerpiece of an exhibit. After repairing the original timbers, the team faces the epic challenge of stacking them flush with a 9-foot ceiling.


Episode 7 - Trial and Error

On an ice cold week at the Boneyard, Mark challenges the guys to create a new system of notches to build a timber frame. After some experimentation, the new notches are put to the test alongside salvaged floorboards used to design massive trusses.


Episode 8 - Restoring Russel's Fort

The Barnwood Builders return to Lake Lure, NC, to rebuild Russel's Fort, a historic 1770s log cabin they salvaged months before. The fort now has a gorgeous view of the lake, but the build is full of challenges as they work on a dangerously steep site.


Episode 9 - The Heart of Appalachia

The crew travels to Wise, Virginia, to save a stunning log home dating back to the 1860s. The Appalachian icon has been in one family for four generations, so Mark and the guys must salvage everything they can, including the extremely rare 36-foot logs.


Episode 10 - Log Cabin Cupid

The Barnwood Builders head to Sacramento, Kentucky, where they battle extreme weather to save an extraordinary cabin built in 1853. Mark's clients travel from Colorado to witness the salvage process from start to finish.


Episode 11 - Learning by Doing

It's a week chock-full of hands-on learning as the Barnwood Builders travel to Ripley, West Virginia to take down a quintessential log cabin. Mark inspects cabins in need of repair for the nearby farm museum, and the guys visit Ryan's old high school.


Episode 12 - Yabba Dabba Double Pen

The Barnwood Builders travel to Flintstone, Maryland to help young homesteaders save a unique double pen bank barn dating back to the 1800s. Along the way, Mark tours a heritage center while Sherman and Johnny get a lesson in the fine art of bird carving.


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